Thursday, September 04, 2014


If only I weren’t lonely
If I could be satisfied
If I didn’t know you
If I believed you wouldn’t have lied
If I could be sure you really tried
If I could take your word
If you didn’t sabotage our love
At every turn
If only I hadn’t been burned
So many times before you
If I only had eyes for you
I know in my heart you were never true
Still can’t seem to stop myself wanting you
Still can’t stop feeling so lonely and blue
Can’t stop wanting to hear the sound of your voice

I gave up on you and me
You left me alone
Felt like a clown for wanting you
For believing your pretenses
For believing you were demure
For our ephemeral dalliance
For our creation,
An Elysian delight
Crushed by epiphany
Crude awakening
To halcyon fantasy
Surreptitious whispers
Feel so down
Feel like a part of you is with me
Feel a need to have you with me
Even if life with you could never be
Dreams survive in my head

Kind of reminds me of If by Rudyard Kipling written in 1943 which is still very valid today.

+Enrico Miguel Thomas

*  Enrico called me "The white female Tupac" which I consider a great compliment!

+Brad Eubanks