Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I am not an addict; I can stop anytime I want to
Yes I can, I can stop anytime I want to
I just haven’t felt the need to stop
What ‘s so important for me to do now that I finally free 5 minutes from my curfew
Momentarily abandon myself to my dreams
Give myself permission to leave myself behind left out of it again
Yeah, really, I can stop anytime I want to
You ask why I don’t stop if I say I can
Oh O.K., I confess, I did do it again but I didn’t mean to
I know I said I wouldn’t do it again; I tried not to do it, but couldn’t stop myself
the urge overwhelmed me
I was powerless, I did it again
I’m sorry I want you to
Share your secrets too
You’re not perfect
No more throwing stones at me
Com’on, confess your sins
The sins everyone else said you shouldn’t do,
To you it felt right the moment you tried it on for size
I remember your hands got dirty too one time,
you can’t wash away the sins
I saw you pee, you walked away didn’t wash your hands
Stood observing me.
My defense is my skin is so dry the skin turned ash,
Undernourished white skin flaking off my hands
Skin Slowly Peeling To Shreds,
before It’s time the skin is dead, skin slowly peeling away
Ready or not, here I come.
Red light green light, one two three
Is that how many chances I get to absorb the flow of the ideas
urges march day and night, the weight burdens me, early dawn
urges obsess me, possess me, I ignore them a day or two then they take me by force
I declare a truce.
Urges have a hold on me won’t let go of me
Separate men from woman, because we know once urges take hold, overwhelms
Together they can’t control overt urges so they cover up
Pretend there’s no drive
Woman’s hair her one true natural beauty
A set up from the start I pull another stinky fart just thinking about it
Force myself to think peace so the word war will fall into disuse
We will all refuse to fight
No more abuse by governments everywhere will have peace-oriented leaders
I dream of peace, a word war floats by a banana submarine looking for oil
Knowledge and power
Peace everlasting.
Meditate the days away instead of lustily fucking following my instincts, my addiction.
It’s easier do what presents than battle in a hot windy desert where you can’t see the only water is an illusion.
Addictions plague me.
It takes only one person’s fart to stink up the whole room how to clean out the smell if there’s no access to air
 the hole in the room follow the white rabbit and give in
Doctor diagnoses post-traumatic stress syndrome
Another rant a poetic chant a prayer to set the universe to rhythm  
Another beat
I give in give in give in give in give in give in give in