Thursday, June 02, 2011

Top Poetry Blogs 2011 & recommended poems for newcomers

Today traveling the internet and checking my statcounter I noted several people came from these links below - two new listings and awards for best poetry blogs of 2011.

Wow - I'm so honored - two 2011 poetry awards from Online Schools and Online Associates Degrees.


I'm grateful to the universe and my readers to be recognized for my poetry and writings.

I really like Online Associates Degrees little critique of my blog too so here it is for you:

JOY LEFTOW'S POETRY BLOGPoetry reviews, along with original modern poetry works in a unique tone. Contemporary poetry reigns here!

For anyone here for the first time I recommend these poems below. You can click on each poem to be read the poem.

Spot Of Bleach

Tupelo Honey

Dead Long Ago

Twisted, A Sestina Of Love

I Sing The Blues For You Today

Heroes & Superstars - My Bob Dylan Story (All true too!)

Where Did The Day Go