Saturday, May 25, 2024

I’ve Got Too Much To Do To Constantly Look Out For U

 I’ve Got Too Much To Do To Constantly Look Out For U


The ACLU needs to look out for U

I can’t do it all, there’s too much on my plate

Events redefine themselves

Replay inside my head

I want to re-possess my thoughts

while I obsess about U & 

U wait for me to go out so U can watch porno


Ur best friend at work wrote U up for killing a mouse

For challenging a student who dissed U

In my eyes, she set herself apart

As another Dubble X hoe

The last straw to get U off-track

Ur best friend stabbed U in the back

Her pursuit of a married chocolate-skinned supervisor

Forced her to write a report against U


Lil’ C kept a proprietary view towards U

A subterfuge of friendship when really 

All U shared were Ur sexual obsessions 

She bragged during our 1st phone conversation that U gave her money 

And that she did that to make Ur ex jealous

Lil’ C made it clear to me she could have U if she wanted to

Confident U were all up in her shit

I wanted to ask her Y’d she'd take Ur money if she’s Ur friend

but stayed quiet at Ur unspoken request

U said U had to have one friend @ work


She texted U at 5:30 am, weekend 

After weekends – while I shared Ur bed

“R U awake,” she texts eager to share 

The lurid details of her most recent sexual conquest 

Confides in Mr. Porno-head about her nights of drunken’ love & lust

how she awoke on the bathroom floor in her own vomit

After her pussy was sucked & fucked 


Texts U B-4 she falls asleep 

R U awake, I kicked them out

Kicks out the dicks who fucked her pussy on the bathroom floor

U know what’s in store

Except for Pernet, her Indian lover 

Who is the only one who does what he wants to do with her

And when he’s through fucking her he kicks himself out immediately


Mr. Porno-head is so enticed 

Tells U how Ur ex-girlfriend's large breasts excite her 

U took vicarious pleasure in her marvelous sexual descriptions

She outlines in detail the various sexual positions 

Pernet roughly shoves her into 

Tells you she really digs the roughness you see 

all the other men R in such awe

they can’t excite her sexually


Mr. Porno head Ur so enticed


U said her motives were platonic 

She never lusted after U

never wanted to fuck U - never wanted to be Ur lover

U tell me there’s something repulsive, 

dark & ugly beneath her exotic beauty –  

Said last time U saw her she draped a silk scarf around Ur neck

Pulling Ur face closer

And when you pulled away and said you had to leave

She said, “let’s take it from the top.”

U pretended nothing was said

Refused to dip Ur sweet dick into her wet hole


I was there beside U in bed the morning she 

Called at 6 am after Pernet had left

She saw him on her subway ride with a pure-blooded Indian beauty 

Told U she intended to go back to him

U warned her against this

Told her U were disturbed & worried 

She’s got so many men

Chillin & waiting to get laid every day at her place

“Yes,” I responded, “I know, U became part of her entourage.”

U laughed, agreed it happened for a minute 

“She’s so promiscuous,” U say, U “worry for her safety”

I say “U can’t take care of her 24 – 7, U can’t take care of Urself.”

U continue telling me the story

“She says I use my son as an excuse not to chill with her on the weekend

She told me the elevator man at work threatened to rape her

The maintenance man too,” U worry


U were homesick when she called @ 10:00 pm to have a 25-minute phone conversation 

about some Mexican on the train who jerked off to her as she walked by

Mr. Machismo, Ur other alter ego, vowed to protect her 

The same way U vowed to protect me

U’d said U’d kill anyone who came near us


Mr. Porno-head Ur so enticed 

Her stories R so interesting 

So innocent U didn’t see what was crystal clear to me

Until she stabbed U in the back

U said U never saw the knife coming

Mr. Porno-head is in despair 

he’s taken flight for a minute 


Did she become jealous when U became my Romeo alone 

Was it then she became Ur Mercutio instead

U said U never saw the knife coming

Despite Ur many requests that she visit during Ur illness

U kept telling her she should meet me

& she agreed but never came once; I was here


My energy is my essence it’s alive strong - powerful

U feel me burning & I burn U in return

Ouch feel me, U’ve felt the power within

Who else could or would take care of U like that?


I’m the real thing not the fake conqueror of men

Mr. Porno – head is insensate, blind

I memorize Ur face with my eyes

Because it changes instant to instant

I have to recall the many U’s existent 

Ur beauty overtakes me


She saw U’d become addicted to me

Already knew I’m addicted to U

U became addicted to my charms

As U stayed within my arms

I’ve become Ur drug of choice



Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Off Key Dreams

Specificity is not the answer

Hard to stay focused, too many things to focus on 

my mind swept up in strong currents 

Some things matter more than money monarchies 


Make my dreams reality

Love integrity lost in melodies of pageantry,

Empathy dissolved in a legacy of zealotry

There’s a fatality of sanctity 


Set the sky on fire, bring souls out of mire, 

Heart is a siren, beats with desire 

Tired of infighting, stir the fire of love 

Israel’s religious history is here for all mankind 

should search to find their way out of a bind  


Stay on the peace grind at the center of mindfulness, 

All religion winds down to similar precepts 

my life seems an open book 

I say it’s written in an ancient language translated by my soul 


Stop thinking it’s so simple to define me 

A midnight blue sky filled with silver stars amidst fuchsia blossoms 


Leaves fall from dogwood trees 

A white turtle dove flew into my hand, came from above, 

hovered a second or two 

Do you think I’m in love again?

Monday, May 20, 2024

Trees (written in 1980, while studying at Columbia U)

I am a tree receiving light

Or perhaps just an image of delight

I follow through on life's extensions

resulting in awareness of different dimensions


Where are the remnants of my rational power?

Perhaps I lost them as I ascended the tower

There I became imprisoned by tension

while I pondered, was logic my pension?


Now, I may feel alive and free 

Or sometimes as rooted as a tree

three hundred years old in all its splendor,

While I look at my heart and search for its mender


Do I truly love desire or care?

Is it only that I feel my cupboard base is bare?

When I dwell on spiritual elements compounded;

I remember that God has created men well-rounded.


Then reason declares desires and fears well-founded:

And I know everything is previously included and far ahead accounted.

Life's round of births and deaths, and beginnings do deceive some,

But the question remains, despite all, ... Is there an end to receive one?

Saturday, May 11, 2024

Is The World Going Crazy



Stop asking so many questions or

I could begin to think you’re a cop

I can’t think up the answers that fast

Are you the prosecution or what

Stop looking into my eyes so deep

Like if you look real hard you’ll see what you wanna see 

Like you can see through me

Crinkling like cellophane my body withers before you

You want answers to your questions or what

What are you trying to see

Is it the I in you

Or the I in I

Please see I’m only trying to bring the situation to fruition

It just takes a little more preparation

Forever searching for direction

It’s making a huge impression on me

How many decisions do I have to make

No, I’m a grown woman I don’t need permission

I don’t care about your trepidation

I’m searching for liberation

Haven’t found it anywhere

It’s not as clear as it used to be

I thought I was so aware

It isn’t always fair either

Too many discussions

Deliberations on the same old themes

Wars & losses, poverty, and gasoline prices

Dresses & designers, writers & artists

Vacations & lives, returning home again

Our time and space is limited,

We’re here on this earth to enjoy life do

What we can, our minds so full of clutter

the glimmer the shimmer outside

draws into the glow

mostly it’s all show

sometimes we can’t see what’s right in front of us

I couldn’t see that book that’s clearly right

there on the bookshelf where you left it before

after we looked and looked;

neither of us could see that book right there on the shelf

right there on the shelf

looked once then twice we saw nothing

Looking through the glass pane window

Should I should go in or wait out here

Alone in the rain of my life

The drops glistening on my skin

Should I join the crowd inside

Watching diamonds in the rough

Watching is never enough

give me a moment or two

I’ma go rearrange the universe

Saturday, May 04, 2024

Reinvent The Universe

Need alone downtime 

To survive threatening circumstances

Need to listen to the hurt, hear the cries

Regrets I try to forget, leave behind

I turn a blind eye to the answer

Vow to leave doubt out of the question to my answer

Lies survive, my lips deny my heart

Fear a mishap on the horizon

An angel forsaking our great nation on the verge of denial

Does Gehinnom exist? - Jew’s purgatory

Refuse to accommodate doubts about heaven or hell: 


Intensification exists no doubt

Fingertips feel my heart beat with passion 

Sensation alive in my drive

Pain sears through my womb 

Pain rips my soul from a concentration camp

Revive a better nation based on the assumption

That they do what they want to and we do what we’re told

Secrets we hold near, they hurt but they stay there 

I deny what we live through

Live outside my head in the grip of a constant illusion 

Hear conversations that never occur

Survive the delusion I live inside my head

Rich imaginings of what was said 

What never was nor will be

Die and I never said what I meant to say to you and now I never will

The pain never stops 

I keep moving my feet to a beat only I hear, 

I try to help someone hear, 

Please hear, but no one hears but my fear

Standing alone in a grim bleak reality, coming and going alone

Solutions flash by and are slashed off by reality as 

I follow the path of Dorothy unafraid of what precedes me, lies in wait 

In a roughened bush burning by the side of an elegant brook 

In a forest of deceit, I wander hearing innocent animals slaughtered 

Cries calling out in my head instead 

Reality frozen in a time frame 

Waiting for a way out of the underflow 

I call to every passerby I see

Please, I beg, a hand please, I beg, don’t hurt me 

I’m only a first-time offender 

I didn’t mean to raise my hand, 

Absolution for the abortion, 

Please stop the pollution, 

I hear the cries of an ancient race of animals now all dead, 

There’s no more of them to kill, only a lab created animal exists 

Please Father, a benediction before I go and leave this universe

Can you give me a calculation of where you think I’ll be?

Father I have sinned, 10 hail Marys and go your way and sin no more 

I promise, Father I have sinned

Afraid there’s another life waiting somewhere to find me 

Explore, seeking to find my way out of mischief into a glance of an inner richer universe

No exsanguination please

Try not to cry and the tears build in my eyes betray me

Water builds but doesn’t flow, yet you see me

I explode into another me - who is she? 

I don’t know 

I didn’t make her 

She is I bubbling beneath the blood 

Warm, ready to burst forth in flames fires 

Burst forth from my mouth like a dragon breathing fire I

Explode into a new me

Once more, a reinvention of whom I want to be

Friday, May 03, 2024


Only way to overcome hate

Desire to pray overtakes me

Rub melted pure organic coconut oil

On my skin

Desire to pray overtakes me

All type prayers invade me at once, 

can’t figure what’s wrong with me

Praying in tongues 

Words escape me, call on Jesus 

Call on God

Pray there’s really one,

To answer the call

Bring peace and love to all


Pray to Jesus, please help me heal me from this pain

This misery that becomes me

My brother, my brethren, his blood is where I came from

Tribes nearby where he was born, is where my blood is from

I pray, 

Recall how you told me, pray to Mother and Father Coconut to heal you 

while you massage coconut oil into your skin and they will hear you, they will heal you

So, I do this too

Please hear my prayers and heal me

Pray to all who may hear me

Speak no Hebrew except in tongues unknown that overtake me

Can’t escape being a Jew 


Stop the thunder, hurt and pain

Pain like a runaway train

Hurts to watch humanity

Be so cold unto itself 

Like a runaway train

Pain inside me grows to implode, explode

Pain inside and out ~ sit & watch


Something’s got a hold o’ me, I know it must be love

A treasure trove, need to relieve the pain of humanity

Love is life send it to your home from mine

Spread the word, 

Escape the thunder

So scared the thunder will win

Pray, say, hear the lord’s words

Feel love – so scared love does lose  

Young people must show the way

The world, unleased, has lost its way

This runaway train can only be stopped by love

The hurt and the pain can only be stopped by love

Stand in the way, hey Father, hey

let love stop world’s craziness 

let humanity be what it should be, 

what it could be if only love is all we need



Wednesday, August 17, 2022


Static in my heart sings a ring so strong

like an episode of sesame street gone wrong,

the world gone awry in a single cry awoke

evoked clouds linger in the pre-reminiscent pregnant air

five seconds ago on the web, I watched

Yellow red purple smoke rings cascade up from Cape Canaveral

Choked on enzymes fumes

in absence of love invades hate on the abyss a trend in fate,

an alias to convert a feather stroke to abuse with a lavender candle invoked

Skyrocket in sight with a socket in my cap. 

Didn’t say it wasn’t love

The rhythm of the music moves my hands

Heros dead in a flash of smoke one last glare

Great curls of white smoke rise eyes tear

Life throws so many darts no way to know

Step smack middle in the midst watch them go

Lost glares silence stares me in the eye, 

life isn’t fair you cry, 

I never told you it was

an old theme renewed reneged turn your back,

go away little girl though that cunt tastes so sweet to eat 

keep it away from me,

cause I’m dangerous.

I lie, cheat and go to war to get to eat what I want.

I’m so aware, King of the State of affairs between me and Britain.

Jews are lucky, we have a soul with an afterlife, not a hell.

Eat your sins for the glory shall be mine.

Got the fine for double parking, ate that too, a mighty tasty lugubrious morsel of time,

paid only one dime, was worth every cent, a one-of-a-kind find

white, pure, shiny granules of hope runs

Gotta meet fate at the corner of Doomston and Outta control genetic traits boulevard

The station gate at eight don’t be late, I set my heart on this chart.

I’m the bait. Worth the wait, good rate, not hatin’ I’m chillin'.

A breath of fresh mint, double-mint peppermint gum

Repressed a breeze in Iceland emigrated to USA,

reject from Liverpool, traded in Halvah for a day,

lost in the fleshiness of the moment I give my life away

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Smoke that dream before I cream you

Smoke that dream before I cream you


I’ve got all my own mishigas too sufficient to sort through. Memories a life’s sake, a backache, earache filibuster, Monroe birthday zone, a black hole, don’t know where to go. A vagabond review, a Scarsdale Hebrew cemetery, morsel of dainty tastiness nastiness a black hole of madness no home to go to, a Hebrew Jew.


Stuck inside my head, a poet’s world, inspired to drive down dirty get high on some Thai stick, trying to get skinny on the sly, sounds tinny, the words stuck in my eardrums, tum de dum


Exhale poetry with scarlet U2 embolism demolishes dents an entire world out there me capsized in the cave in a mountain dew bats flapping in my head I breathe new scents for a few sense amillia, vanilla will do me fine.


Inhale Exhale, a little cheech and chong, put it in a little pill for me. I want to kill that roach, don’t encroach on my spot, shit I see you got your eyes on a brand new spanking spaldine, bounce da ballie, brand new – higher than that kite you want to make take flight.


Fire your ass off stop sass saw me in half. I wanna make some war in cognito infinito, vagabond report retort a torte a flamingo of golden gal glimmer if I offer you a drizzle of Acapulco gold.


If you only got sensimilla, with nice big blue green buds, a thai joint will bend me fine, ven aqui, pasa lo, share it, … please.


Don’t do me like that. My hand’s open – greed.


Give me some of that weed, I need some time to digest the rest but so far will take I'm not a lawyer. I’m a voyeur, not a destroyer, not part of the choir, I live in a temple excoriate licorice on my breath, a little violet lipstick, blissful Babel bagel babe of a comet a carnal cattle pick up your bustle and hustle along. Mazel Tov!


Damask cilantro, don’t ask, another whiff of that smoke, floating up from all that patchouli incense I use to mask the scent of that hashish oil mixed with opium.


Up in smoke it went, again and again.

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Marijuana Escape from Blues

So very hard to face each day when so much sad

Engulfs me, makes me face my bad

My meds provide a space for peace

To feel some glad

Escape from being had

Raised in a bad way, rad I’m alive

Caught between my mom and dad

Born into a world of fate, hate surrounded me

Smoked at 14 laughed my ass off

Mary Jane helped me collect myself off the pavement

Days of wine and roses

Live in dreams – a haze of beauty made more magnificent with medicine

Wish I could do more, but I do all I can do and more

I’m a tad behind because of so much sad I’ve endured

A child badly clad, woe was me, carry the sad inside of me

Hard to let go of all the pain, now mental plus physical anguish 

Relish Sativa, she helps vanquish my heartache

Heartbreak, tenderness, fear that runs through me

Dissipates my heartbreak, helps me deal with fatigue

Pain consumes me, seek respite with Mary Jane

Live inside my head my brain seeks wisdom delight

Seek relief from my condition in my flight of heavenly visions

Some call me an addict others call me sane, reliable, trustworthy, 

I’m not a label, I’m human imperfect, not excuses

Weatherman said rain should flood today 

Drown my sorrows, feel light

Feel together in my head

Wish I had a gravy train

Instead of a childhood disdained full of pain

Feel the Godhead in my head

Watch streams of rain pour down

Through my open windowpane

Smell the scent of rain, 

Cannabis washes away my pain 

The scent of rain

Drifts through my windowpane

Wash away my pain

Monday, December 06, 2021

God Bless


God Bless the day my mother was born

She birthed me to this life

God bless her cruelty taught me to survive 

God bless the day my father was born

God bless my sisters though they refused to love me

Contrived to deprive love

God bless the stories they told to justify their hate

God blessed me to survive rape and abuse

God blessed me to strive to revive

Bruises and blues of my soul

God bless the day I was born in March of 49

Been in overdrive, overactive sex drive

All the drivel of conniving men 

Who fooled me, jive as the shrine I’m in

God bless the universe

God bless the world

God bless the death of those passed

The births of those yet born

God bless my friends

God bless this virus that has killed so many and has so many more lives to take

God bless this planet where Covid 19 virus has thrived and survived 

because of all our wrongs and rights

God bless that humanity has survived

God bless the animals that survive this cruel world and God bless the ones who suffer cruelty and deprivation at the hands of those God has already chosen to bless

Blessed to be alive, to arrive to survive, 

Bless my grandfather and grandmother who foresaw the 2nd world war, 

Who came to this crazy country for freedom WE stood for

At least Jews were not put in ovens over here

If not for them I would have never been born 

Bless the Jewish race from which I was born 

God Bless Native Americans, newcomers took their land, abused & misused them 

Bought slaves all the way from Africa to work for free 

Rich pay no taxes

Money calls to money

Entitlement’s here to stay, they have their say – they get their way plus don’t have to pay their way

We pay their way

Money only cares for more money 

money doesn’t care about the suffering it causes

National genocide for Native Americans was irrational, ok for monied folk

They seek to divide to keep themselves in charge with all the money

Men seek control, domination – hurt innocent beings 

Dominated by greed, Money can’t control the weather 

Can it ever be different?

I hope for more

God Bless humanity’s fate! 

Have faith in our youth is all I can say, let’s pray.