Thursday, February 10, 2022

Marijuana Escape from Blues

So very hard to face each day when so much sad

Engulfs me, makes me face my bad

My meds provide a space for peace

To feel some glad

Escape from being had

Raised in a bad way, rad I’m alive

Caught between my mom and dad

Born into a world of fate, hate surrounded me

Smoked at 14 laughed my ass off

Mary Jane helped me collect myself off the pavement

Days of wine and roses

Live in dreams – a haze of beauty made more magnificent with medicine

Wish I could do more, but I do all I can do and more

I’m a tad behind because of so much sad I’ve endured

A child badly clad, woe was me, carry the sad inside of me

Hard to let go of all the pain, now mental plus physical anguish 

Relish Sativa, she helps vanquish my heartache

Heartbreak, tenderness, fear that runs through me

Dissipates my heartbreak, helps me deal with fatigue

Pain consumes me, seek respite with Mary Jane

Live inside my head my brain seeks wisdom delight

Seek relief from my condition in my flight of heavenly visions

Some call me an addict others call me sane, reliable, trustworthy, 

I’m not a label, I’m human imperfect, not excuses

Weatherman said rain should flood today 

Drown my sorrows, feel light

Feel together in my head

Wish I had a gravy train

Instead of a childhood disdained full of pain

Feel the Godhead in my head

Watch streams of rain pour down

Through my open windowpane

Smell the scent of rain, 

Cannabis washes away my pain 

The scent of rain

Drifts through my windowpane

Wash away my pain

Monday, December 06, 2021

God Bless


God Bless the day my mother was born

She birthed me to this life

God bless her cruelty taught me to survive 

God bless the day my father was born

God bless my sisters though they refused to love me

Contrived to deprive love

God bless the stories they told to justify their hate

God blessed me to survive rape and abuse

God blessed me to strive to revive

Bruises and blues of my soul

God bless the day I was born in March of 49

Been in overdrive, overactive sex drive

All the drivel of conniving men 

Who fooled me, jive as the shrine I’m in

God bless the universe

God bless the world

God bless the death of those passed

The births of those yet born

God bless my friends

God bless this virus that has killed so many and has so many more lives to take

God bless this planet where Covid 19 virus has thrived and survived 

because of all our wrongs and rights

God bless that humanity has survived

God bless the animals that survive this cruel world and God bless the ones who suffer cruelty and deprivation at the hands of those God has already chosen to bless

Blessed to be alive, to arrive to survive, 

Bless my grandfather and grandmother who foresaw the 2nd world war, 

Who came to this crazy country for freedom WE stood for

At least Jews were not put in ovens over here

If not for them I would have never been born 

Bless the Jewish race from which I was born 

God Bless Native Americans, newcomers took their land, abused & misused them 

Bought slaves all the way from Africa to work for free 

Rich pay no taxes

Money calls to money

Entitlement’s here to stay, they have their say – they get their way plus don’t have to pay their way

We pay their way

Money only cares for more money 

money doesn’t care about the suffering it causes

National genocide for Native Americans was irrational, ok for monied folk

They seek to divide to keep themselves in charge with all the money

Men seek control, domination – hurt innocent beings 

Dominated by greed, Money can’t control the weather 

Can it ever be different?

I hope for more

God Bless humanity’s fate! 

Have faith in our youth is all I can say, let’s pray.

Tuesday, August 03, 2021




Living life in a daze

So many drugs create a haze

By now I know it’s not a phase 

After all these years it shouldn’t faze me


Someone said, “It’s over a dozen years, 

going through the same fears.”

Put your life in arrears 

you should know it’s not a phase


“After all these years, 

you should know it’s a way of life”

So should I stop trying now 

After all these years 

Monday, August 02, 2021




She melts in your mouth 

like the hot resin of a ripened tree

The m's roll off your tongue poetically

Amber absorbs sunlight and reflects moonlight

She has her own glow

Amber comes in many colors like a rainbow

Sometimes cloudy, sometimes clear

the color of honey

The ones with fossils are worth the most; it makes sense 

Because skeletons are a big expense


Sometimes you see straight through her

A connoisseur of fragile glass

Shades of golden yellow to fern green to lime or orange

Amber is diffuse, her energy attracts 

her words interact, it’s a fact 

mellow yellow amber golden mellow tones

color range from orange peel to bittersweet to tangerine

controls your senses 

Releases chemicals into your brain

every woman’s dream


Amber grounds your energies

Rules your naval chakra

using golden orange tools

she draws disease from your wounds

Cleanses your organs of poisons 

Revitalizes your organs


The ancient gods burned her

The 3 holy ones revered Amber

Used in all holy and spiritual rituals

Her incense & jewels persist

And are still renown today

… How can you go wrong 

if you choose her once she’s chosen you…


Tuesday, April 20, 2021



My body follows my life like one big misstep

misstep physically and fall on my hip

Literally act out my psychological ailments

Overstretch my foot so much, it hurts I can’t walk

I lie on my ass, sit around and talk

On the phone – balk 

at all the empty phone talk

makes me feel dead instead of alive

Words are my bedrock, my life

Numerous iPhone chats, 


leaves me unsatisfied

No human caress causes distress, 

loss of eye contact, response is less

No touch, 

No hugs, nor kisses, just guesses of what we’re doing here

Most of what we humans discuss 

Encompass the squareness of our universe

Inspire, aspire to learn a new word today

To describe what I’d rather do

The new word is eumoirous, 

Someone who is lucky and happy as a result of being good

Unfortunately goodness doesn’t assure luckiness though I wish it did,

can’t do anything without you

Talking is so boring when you can find something to do

We wouldn’t miss nary a thing if we didn’t spend so much time

Chatting about useless things

When we spend our energy talking – we prevent our doing –

Get stuck, life is a trap of especially 

Unimportant time spent on inconsequential things

TV, radio, 

Talk is cheap 

Phone talk is contrived, minimizes

Items in our daily life

Has nothing to do with anything 

If anything, assists with our living less 

Not more, I confess, my life’s a big mess

Prefer to focus on doing more not less

Observe, obsess, process and reassess


Sunday, April 04, 2021

Spending Blues



PLEASE, please, I need to be at ease

I got the buy, buy, buy, disease

Like to put it on a freeze

Turn around like a sneeze 

Got a hold on me like trustees

Need to find another release

I know it’s not that old song, 

somethings got a hold of me, 

I know it must be love 

It’s this buy, buy, buy, disease

My self-control destroyed, spoiled by my unease,

Commands originated in my mind’s badlands, 

quell the urge please


I got the spending blues

So easy to do

Swipe out a card 

Got the distribution blues

Buy things I don’t need

Then got to give them away

Swimming in shit, like all greed

Buy shit I don’t need

What’s it all for?


Easy to give away everything I buy

Need money to eat and pay the rent

Not much more I need to buy


Friday, January 08, 2021

2020 Presidential Election Year

 2020 Presidential Election Year


This coronavirus is making me insane

Feel like I’m on another plane

Nothing left to gain and a lot to lose

Living like this the bane of my existence

Trump running a chain gang on our nation

Tough guy bully guy macho man image

Not charging social security taxes

Means social security at 65 out the door

Maybe they’ll see what they can’t see now


It’s plain to see, lying in wait in society

Need the key to unlock the gates

We’re heading from heaven to hell

It’s no game, president man forgot about democracy

Love and hate, not fate 

Trap people play reality TV

Play acting a banshee

Hey Joe

I aint got no birth serf-i-ticket on me now

United States of fucking America, is 

A new Trump Hitler Regime

Keeping my dream alive

Get rid of that National Security Act and our 

Patriot Act 

Give our nation a new theme

The vote is actual and factual but Trump can’t see

Where we can learn and be aware of the facts

Our government ransacked for the wealthy

While the poor remain unhealthy

Corporations stealthy 

Hey Joe

Make a motion to not be so emotional 

Scared to have premonitions

Want Joe to win

It’s a sin the way they abuse him

Can’t see Trump’s a has been who belongs in the loony bin

Keep myself busy listening to Beethoven’s violin symphony 

Hope the lynch pin doesn’t win

This aint mother fucking Berlin with a fucking wall

And don’t tell me Obama built the gate

He didn’t take children from their families

Losing our sanity on a fallacy

I aint got no birth serf-i-ticket on me now

Please God, don’t allow

Need to survive this somehow   

Monday, September 21, 2020




My heart hits the sky for a wonderful guy 

Want to live in my dream

Let off steam, ride that moonbeam

Watch my love while we watch stars who strive to extreme, 

Love trees feed on earth and water

Feel like lamb to slaughter

New world’s just begun under one sun

Redwood forest, lakes, rivers run

No babe, I no have no fun

Weak knees pervade, 

transcend dreams glide

I’m along for the ride

Economy, parsimony,

Slide into fear of this and that

World where dictators rule

my land and that land make the

world what is has become 

not a race to create except this situation demands 

My life cut in two, can’t figure out where to go or what to do

Pray from far away - pray for ourselves, pray for me, pray for you too, 

Will prayers help or is it an illusion to feed my ego?

Search for hope, only nightmares come

Despots worldwide care only about money, 

honey, listen; root of all evil

Sell they soul to the devil - to the devil they do

And all around us, who paid suffer 

for the devil, they pay, to do us this misery

Everywhere on earth suffer this malady.

Download synergy to keep up my energy

Synapses flicker, slicker than an unsolved nightmare

Behind a hidden door, no splitting hairs

Born to be me, you’re born to be you

None of us born free

So unwell, hurts to be me

Wish you could see how it feels to me

Wish you could be me, feel me the way I feel you

We all desire prosperity, fame, acclaim, money

Mostly to survive and thrive

speak truth in poetry, fascism far and widespread

Money don’t mean joy, sorry to say

Like rivers run to their source

Blood runs cold, not yet, my lord, not time to fold

Times running out, getting old, need others to carry on

Carry on, work for free; try to help humanity

Make our earth the sanctity, earths meant to be

Hallelujah for you, hallelujah for me if only we 

can build something to hope for,

we want to live our dream, just once before we leave

Please, Please, Please


Thursday, August 20, 2020





Lying peacefully on my bed, 

         In his bed which is atop of mine

Lay Davie, my Peterbald Sphinx

         Buried beneath his blankets

                  Davie suddenly perked up,

threw this blanket off, 

         put his head up and kept it up, 

                   totally mesmerized 

         watching Michelle on TV

Listened to her entire speech,

Never resting his head down


Acts like he magically 

understands how important it all is. 


Isn’t that amazing? Davie, my cat,

Mesmerized by Michelle on TV

something in her manner, her tone 

Stylized speech, 

Beseeching America to be better, 

her voice, pleading with America


“BE Better America,” she pleads with us, loud and clear

Somehow, Davie, my cat, understands her 

Her tone, determination, her pleas 

Trying to help us understand 

Divisiveness increases pain and suffering

Not helped by clear acceptance of Racism 

Attacking our citizens peacefully protesting 

Failing to protect our most vulnerable citizens

Destroying access to clean water for money

Ignoring our country’s constitution to protect interests of big money


Michelle Obama demands America stand up 

Show the world who we are 

Show with our vote, our turn out,

Turn out even if you have to bring a blanket, food, 

Even if you have to spend the night too. 

Do it to ignite flames for justice and compassion

In our leadership

Please America, Leave chaos at the door


Michele’s voice captured David. She captured me too. 

CNN says of First Lady, Michelle Obama’s speech, “…an appeal aimed at the heart and conscience of every American who has watched the chaos of the last four years and yearned to make things right.”


Our moral tale of woe.

Stand up Americans, 

Show us your voices like you did in recent marches through the streets

Stand up American and show us who you want us to be


America showed who she was when innocent protesters were abused 

Shot with rubber bullets, gassed in our streets

I thank and praise all the people who stood up in America’s streets, and streets everywhere else too, 

Please America, I beg you too, 

Even though I’m not Michelle Obama and never could be in her shoes, 

I stand with Michelle and beg you too

            – Stand up and be counted, 


Show ourselves and the world who America really is

I’m begging you, please


PLEASE                                            PLEASE                                            PLEASE


Come one come all, 

Let’ be the solution to the pollution, heal division, stop the degradation of our great nation and all its peoples, our principles, our people, who require compassion to survive, not division.



Forgive me for not knowing if this is a rant or a poem.


Thursday, August 06, 2020





I’m quarantined 

Learning to love my aloneness 

Not concerning ceremonious womanliness, 

Maintain a harmonious

Fighting to survive intolerance, tight feistiness of ruin, 

from wealthy brothers and sisters. 

The poor give more than wealthy do

usually more generous of spirit 

poor pay higher taxes

Trumped by a white house orange debacle 

Citizens dying from streptococcal

symptoms - live in mass pandemonium 

people blind like they’re on opium

sanctimonious created fraudulent-ness

intolerantness speaks loudly, devoutly, profoundly evil

worldly unrest and upheaval 

quarantine inside my abode 

carry a heavy load

my body bowed

inability to unload

keep a heavy workload

dreading the next episode

of color code, religious code, computer codes

hate showed – 

snowed in about to implode

lifestyles eroding with each new foreboding 

will we ever overcome

see what we can become

if to love and tolerance we succumb

Solve Problem:  make humanity less dumb

Embrace love and tolerance 

Together, overcome 

Stop being overrun

beat my drum till that day comes

pray to raise awareness that love is everywhere

Love is everywhere