Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Disappointed in man’s inhumanity to man,
I live each day like it’s my last
Time moving so fast
Everywhere I turn, someone new is hurt.
Living on the edge of despair striving to stay afloat and hold on to my hope.
It’s all I’ve got left.
I bide my time and wait behind closed curtains in love with a perfect life gorging
on dreams of a different world where everyone’s my brother.
I turn on the evening news in time to hear the brother speak,
the one who killed his brother’s wife last week,
He says she was just no damn good anyway. 
He knew for sure because she used to be his wife. 
She disappeared around the same time he was convicted of killing her. 
He said, "I already served my time for killing her,
you see it’s called double jeopardy 
and they can’t charge me twice for the same crime. 
Thank God I got rid of the no good bitch once and for all 
She can't do this to no one else no more."
The scene switches to the crazy Jewish guy in the orange jumper 
the one who tortured the little Jewish boy then dismembered him. 
They caught him abducting the boy on one of those street cameras
It’s enough of a dose of TV to last several days.
I try to decide what I can do about man’s inhumanity to man 
I bring it all home. The buck has to stop somewhere.
I examine my life in a whirlwind of thoughts to discover 
I’m trapped in a medieval prison where I’m tormented the same way 
every day and still can’t learn how to escape.
Man’s inhumanity to man makes me suffer.
I envision a day it will be different.
Julio examines my planet’s positions.
He declares that now I’m full of romanticism.
I told him that no he’s wrong that now I obsess on man’s inhumanity to man.
African and east European towns there are wars and bombs in the middles east.
Women raped daily, life disrespected as a matter or course.
I don’t know what to do. Where has my romanticism fled.
Searching my mind for a better place in time I reassess the layout.
A perfect place is hard to find.
It won’t matter where I go so I decide to sit this one out
and work on creating a better space inside myself.
I go inside and look around to find a better place and instead sit
Here today and gone tomorrow
I sit and cry and pray every day for a better world someday.