Friday, May 31, 2019


Waiting on a revelation about the coming revolution 
It’s slow no one wants to know we’re just a bunch of good little soldiers
Doing what we’re told to
I’ve made no resolution to begin a revolution 
I want to see people treated fair
I turn to me, say, see me free to be fair to me
Set me free outside myself
Set me free, let me be me
 “my bad” will set me free 
deny the naysayers, haters and dis abusers

See me
An angel cast from heaven 
because of my big mouth, I was sentenced to hell on earth 
fallen from grace, a casualty for being me
Set me free from this insanity, this rat eat rat culture
We waifs wander the street
like abused common yard rats we want to be set free. 
Even rats are drawn to starlight and 
love to feel the earth beneath their feet instead of the hard city pavement 
where we are caged together
dining on musical words helps me while away my days 
whilst I sit here and await my fate in the next genocide an autolytic sourpuss

pray, permit me to continue
in a prison, I sit awaiting sentence
my pitiful existence pale compared to thee
cast me from your kingdom
wandering searching far from home
am a product of your fear and castoff genius combined
disowned and disavowed
Wings stolen while I awakened from a nightmare to discover
I lived a life not mine
Worrying doesn't help

Accepting unfair demands doesn't help either but what if you don’t have a choice
easy for you to say let it go and let it be
Let it go and let me free, let it go and set me free
On wings, I flew once with you as an angel now cast from your grace
Laugh as you look down upon me pleading to be set free
And you say girl you had it the way you wanted to be
You ask to be set free
I set you free and now you want to come back to me.
Pity about those set free who want to come back to me
Being me who’s no longer me is no fun even when you think you want to be free
Once you rode on wings you could spread but you prayed me to let you be free 
Now you beg to come home and it’s too late to let you back in my grace
Let it all go daughter, let it all go so you return to be 
an angel spreading her wings – wings fashioned from dreams - 
wings with kaleidoscope colors