Sunday, September 08, 2013

Tired of the trickle down abuse ...

Mercy for animals please, 

no more abuse!

Imagine what people what say if there was no waste treatment plants for our waste? We'd be back with Typhoid Mary.

The poor animals are forced to stay in one spot, not allowed to walk, move or turn their bodies or ever see the sun and walk outdoors to graze grass while alive. Then when the workers are told to clean out the foot of feces and urine the animals (cows, pigs, chickens and all factory farm animals) are forced to stand in. All this shit and piss has turned to pure ammonia and the workers are so angry about the job they have to do that they usually beat the animals to make them move out of their way so the workers can do their jobs and shovel the shit out.

After all, these people have to do what they're told. They have families to support. Of course this ammonia smell is harmful to the worker's lungs as well as the animals. Then workers spray the fields with urine and feces they've shoveled out, creating poisoned ground runoff, which also contains antibiotic and hormones. The animals are force-fed antibiotics and hormones because otherwise they would not have growth spurts because their filthy living conditions prevents growth.

We end up with hormones and antibiotics in our bodies second hand or third hand, depending on whether or not we eat these animals. Then because of the runoff, the hormones and antibiotics is absorbed from the ground into our vegies or grown foods. Our nation is becoming more and more unhealthy to help make Tyson and other factory farms become more wealthy than they already are while we wear blinders and don't see what the world has become. The ground is poisoned so all our foods are too and even being vegetarian or vegan won't help unless you can afford to eat totally organic.

On the day piglits are born or several days later they take a rusty clippers and clip their balls off. They burn calves horns off without doing anything to numb the pain. Sometimes they saw them off and you can hear the animals howls of anguish and pain. Worker kick and beat them, stomp them, even jump on their backs, break their tails, often purposely, and they think the animals have no feelings. They are just meat.

Milk cows are forced to give birth to unwanted calves to provide milk and cheese. These cows are never allowed to graze and are forced to eat corn and grains that their bodies can't digest. The calves newly born, are bludgeoned to death with hammers which takes quite a while. They lie there, their hearts still beating, whining and screaming in pain while workers hammer their heads.

We need to get back to family farms and to get rid of these unhealthy practices.

“They undergo painful mutilations and are bred to grow unnaturally fast and large for the purpose of maximizing meat, egg, and milk production for the food industry. Their bodies cannot support this growth, which results in debilitating and painful conditions and deformities."

"Every year, 9 billion chickens are slaughtered for meat in the United States. Called “broilers” by the industry, these curious, social birds are treated simply as production units, selectively bred and fed for abnormally fast growth without consideration for their wellbeing. The resulting large size contributes significantly to suffering, disease, and early death." 

Above 2 paragraphs quoted from:

Factory farms, also called industrial livestock operations or concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), are large agricultural enterprises where animals are raised in confined settings. The Environmental Protection Agency explains that these facilities congregate animals on small tracts of land, sustaining them on purchased or grown feed rather than through grazing or pasture.

In every other advanced nation in the world, they have reverted back to grazing cattle and pigs because they realize how unhealthy this is for the animal, the earth and us, because when we eat them we ingest 2nd hand antibiotics and hormones, which is why many of us are antibiotic resistant.

Please speak out for the animals. To do so go visit the following websites to sign petitions on many issues, including animal abuse.