Monday, September 21, 2009

Call me ms blues tonight ~ Bluetry #18

Blues and jazz play a blue soul cruise inside my head
day after day those blues play like a sensei screenplay,
a gateway to John Coltrane
Eyes closed I watch him riffing ~ up and down the scale he goes, the quartet flowing – I join making it a quintet – we’re rolling on Soultrane
McCoy Tyner, Sonny Rollins, Ornette Coleman –
jazzy blues drifting into the sunset
I wish I could relent - an ascent to another world my intent bent on a scent, a new advent,
a dent in the rent, I’m totally pent up, tormented and spent, 100 percent
I depend on an upward trend these blues feel my heart penned into a new poem
send me off the deep end, all I can spend
Amy Winehouse went back to black
I stayed where I am - same jack shit
Stack those blues up for a snack attack I’m taken aback ~ that wooden shack – a lilac, a payback
Those blues blowing off into the distance - their cadence feels my sadness
Chords extend I make amends it’s rosh hashanah 2009
… transcend the outcome, it’s a godsend, I dread bloodshed while I dream my life away
I downplay doomsday building in my head
Conceiving a notion I make a motion to idealize the commotion
I sit and visualize the resolution hallucinate formulate and sublimate
Words so profound they keep me spellbound
I can’t hear where they end and I begin ~ words turn me inside out
Burn some rocket fuel, don’t drool it’s too cruel,
destiny is not a coincidence of scrutiny
There’s no escaping the blue’s impending energy I fend them off daily
only to feel them revived again and again
They’re making new hearts these days from clay reborn I want a new one –
I stand in sunshine yet rain falls on my head
Everyone merry I’ll take the next ferry try to catch up to you
got to get out of the cold my life’s not on hold I’m singing the blues until I fold
old time jazz, that razz tazz blues I’m gonna get bankrolled lo and behold
coast a while to labile– send me another mango, it’s a new lifestyle
Introduce me to myself I’ll have my way with fate
I’m ms blues to you from now until I say I do
Rock them blues back, like a kudzu they infuse me and abuse me, reduce me and seduce me
I ain’t looking for an excuse, don’t confuse me
like a weeping spruce I can’t give up the fight love’s light in sight this night,
I recite in stage fright another back bite luddite go fly a kite
Put my soul on a hook and draw a needle through it
My blues rip through me
Singing the blues under a translucent snow-white moonlight I ignore my plight in musical delight
Blues on steadfast order of rewrites - My trays too full of holiday blues
A pure Semite emerging like a sprite from a cu⋅mu⋅lo⋅ nim⋅bus nonplussed by genius
at twilight igniting like phosphorescent pyrite
I’m torn in two
call me ms blues tonight