Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lost Love

Ain’t no sun up in my sky today
Rain keeps falling on my head
I got the blues so bad I’m dancing with fire
in the hell of night
Promises and dreams not in sight
No delight in life
a bout in myself in an endless fight
in a world where nothing’s right
no sun up in my sky too down to cry
waiting on motivation that doesn’t come
I lay awake waiting for my lover to come on home
Frustrations growing
waiting on my lover makes me quirky that way
Comes sneaking through the bedroom door in the dead of night
The bed bathed in moonlight
Soft red hair brushes against my shoulder
Our promises of together forever have grown older
Each day finds us colder
As she lies down beside me
My eyes closed pretending I’m asleep
I awake to an empty bed
With words left unsaid
sadness that never ends
Never thought we’d end that way
Rain tapping on the window pane
left me on a rainy day
She called later that day said someone was waiting on her
someone easier to take, someone older more mature
someone who knew who knew how to play the game of love
standing in the rain left lonesome each day hoping the rain will go away
my tears blending with the rain
sun’s gone away and rains keep coming everyday

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Got to go sometime...

Death hits on the fritz, at my wit’s end,
Same way we’re birthed same way death bangs on the door
In a fleeting solitary moment gone in a blitz
A spin on humanity why we enjoy comedy folklore
Right next door, death knocked on the door
I hear the wife’s wails late that night way past midnight
I let myself in and sat for a while, the police were still there
He lay down after dinner, about 5 p.m., said he needed a nap
And in a snap he was gone gone, gone! Gone baby gone
Early that same morning I heard him vacuuming as I
watched the sun rise against a pink damask sky
No choice when death comes uninvited banging down our door
Write or wrong we’re in this together son
I’m my brother’s keeper but not for long
I see his son Luis is despondent
I say, “I’m sorry for your loss Luis."
He responds, “My father did all that he could to stay healthy,
He kept a good routine, ate breakfast at 5 a.m
went to the Big Gym everyday to lift weights at 6 a.m.,
Everyday he ate dinner at 4 p.m., good healthy food too,
rice and beans, aguacate and Mama made him steak everyday
all that he did and what good did it do him, he’s still dead
all that hard work for nothing.”
Luis has learned a new lesson
A sudden burst of knowledge
Death stalks us all
If you believe in an afterlife or not
I’ll come see you at 3 a.m. night after next
Stomp 3 times and you’ll smell me
There at your side ready at the crack of a whip
Bam your time’s up now son ready or not
There you go and the people who love us are left behind wailing
Wailing for those who left us behind
Wailing for those who left us behind
Death hits the spot, ready or not.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

It’s ok I said, I've been there too

I understand where you’re coming from
Just show me the dotted line and
I’ll be ready to sign
I promise I’ll make no demands
For alimony or child support
My life’s worth more than you could ever pay
The gun trained on my face
I heard the click
And saw him pull the trigger back
Imagine the surprise on his face when we
Still stood eye to eye 
the bullet jammed in the chamber
My life handed to me on a silver 
platter that day, I understand now
But for the mercy of God 
I’d be dead not only broke
Lucky not to succumb to a bullet that day
I said, “Show me that dotted line 
I know when it’s time to sign and give in
Because I’ll never get nothing from you 
except a hard way to go
You never liked sharing anyway 
so I’m glad to let you know
I’m glad to see you go
I want you to know 
I’m glad you know 
I don’t need you to have my own
I had my own before you were born
no - please don’t interrupt," I said
holding up my open palm,
"You misunderstand.
I said it's ok. Go with your government job 
and all your big benefits.
It’s ok if you refuse to share.
I swear I don’t care. 
I’ll sign it all away to you
as long as you let me go my own way.
I'll sign that dotted line, 
I swear I will!
I’m not giving in to death yet – 
it’s premature to date.
Please don’t make me 
leave my son motherless
Hand me a pen 
I’m willing ready and able to bend
I’ll sign on that dotted line
I absolve you from all your future debts to me
Please let me go by the grace of God
Thank God I’m not dead 
Here I go, I got a pen in my hand 
I’m ready to sign on that dotted line.”
The surprise registered in your lifted brows
as you pulled the trigger
and stared me dead in the eye
no remorse for what you planned to do
"An eye for an eye," you quoted,
"So bang you’re dead, gone in the wink 
of an eye," and you winked at me.
We thought it was for one last time.
Certainly for me I thought this is the last wink I’ll ever see.
Pulled the trigger in the blink of an eye
A gleeful smile on your “no mercy for the bitch face”
A New York City minute changes life
when you saw no bullet had emerged from the chamber
no bullet came clambering through 
no bullet went through me and 
by the mercy of God I still stand here before thee
So let me be me and I’ll allow you to be free of me
Free from all my demands you could no longer stand 
that made you be so cruel to me
Now I’m ready to sign on the dotted line as long as you’ll let me be
Yes I’m ready to sing there’s a song in my heart
Glory Hallelujah I'm so glad I survived
I'm so blessed to be alive
money ain’t mean nothing to me I’ll give it all up to stay alive
I got a song in my heart so glad to be alive