Monday, October 26, 2015

What The Fuck?

If life is a song or blast,
I’ve Got No Luck at all.
Brand new silk panties get mussed in the dryer
Stuck on Velcro, silkiness totally ruined
Left with puckered withered drawers
Panties advertised to be all fine silky sweetness
My hard sweated buck consumed!

What the fuck? I’ve got no luck
With men I’m totally yuck
All I get is shmucks.
No need to misunderstand
Feeling all alone
He’s never there when you need him

What the fuck? I’ve got no luck
Like a lame duck things happen in my life
No rhyme or reason
Feel like an alien
Lost and isolated in Britain
I don’t belong here

What the fuck? I’ve got no luck
Stuck in one crisis after another
A blur of bummer events, 
Lose people I love
Without saying goodbye

OK I admit letting time fly fast
One blast, cast running thru life’s asphalt jungle
Watch boastful people on TV
A plea to humanity to see who we really are, who I really am
Part of we, long lost glee of society, trinity of three
Me, myself and others, a presence of Thee

What the fuck? I’ve got no luck
Standing here, a muse in society without face
Displaced, disgraced, no one cares about my race
I’m doubly screwed, woman first, then Jew, Greek, Spanish, Turkish and Persian,
a few dollops of North African mixed with Middle Eastern.
I’m nobody, nothing to you, you’re nothing too.

Either way I lose
So why does it matter to you what I do.
I’m fucked out of luck no matter what I choose to do
What the fuck? I’ve got no luck
Clock’s struck one. I’ll turn into a pumpkin
Moon struck, sun struck and awestruck
Life should be a well-struck bargain

Instead of what we’ve done to it