Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I won an award!!!!!!

I won an award from The Academia for my spoken word piece, “Gimmee Money.” Dubblex and I collaborated on the music for this. I wrote the words. Below is the list of winners in all categories plus a link to my song. I redid for the submission. 
 This is what their judges wrote on the website. When you go to the website above -2nd link, you will see it plus right below you can listen to the song. 
'Gimmee Money’ calls on shiveringly intimate spoken word talent and a funk-infused beat to leave a vital impression with the listener.'

Joy Leftow 

Bloody Sunday

When I told Robin I’d been recently hospitalized for intestinal hemorrhaging, she replied, “Age!” with an exclamation mark at the end.
Death gets us all at the bitter end, gets me, all my friends, my enemies.
Death claimed my best friend
Death follows me wherever I go
Along with age come thoughts of death
Know it’s coming, just not when. Wonder when we’ll breathe our last breath.
Realize mortality, no consequence if you lived slowly or fast
Our bodies not meant to last
All headed to the same ultimate destination
No avoiding this destiny, the roads you can’t out travel or unravel
Even those who last long
Say a little prayer for me
Meet their final demise, foe or friend
No one lasts, can’t outlive eventual age and then we find death or death finds us.
Either way could meet us.

Death defeats all
Death, our detonator,
We are one subversive nation under a godless nation
Each nation more fearless than the last
Bent on our destruction
Life a flamboyant dream – a mirror reality
Intend to wake up, find a new reality
Behavior more meaningful then worship
Of a God who doesn’t see
Look and See
Fears within
Domination cravings go both ways
Someone to lead, someone to follow
For livelihood or family
Not all of us have a choice
Life and death are abominations
Live and survive in illusion, idealization, analyzation, expectations, and explanations.
Nothing explains away inhumanity like fame and money combined

I want someone to get rid of our debt to China. Don’t want to live in the grace of their handouts and products we’re forced to consume, without knowledge of the cruelty involved in making them. I am tired of the cruelty of sweatshops where my crocs are made or clothes, tired of the cruelty in food production.
I want someone to stop the pain, someone who will hear the poor’s pleas about healthcare.
Someone to get rid of the lobbyists. As long as this system exists, the monetarists persist.
I want a government by the people, for the people, including the selected protected wealthy beyond words, minority.
We need a little enlightenment to destroy cruelty.
Live like architects of ourselves, build from bottom up.
Create a new society of enlightenment,
form a government for the people, by the people.