Saturday, May 17, 2014


At sunset you enter my mind
At day’s first light there you are
In my mind’s eye
Want to embed your heart in mine
A looking glass of time

Dawn arrives, you are
Like a sparkling star
You light up my life
Like my personal sun
My world rotates around you
Believe I’ve become undone

Awake, seek email and text responses,
Sexual healing renaissance betrayed
Touch myself, pretend your hands touch what I feel
Visualize every inch of your length and girth
Wonder how to make it go inside
Forced to abandon my private taboos

Fantasize, see us nude, side by side
You confide secrets made at high tide
Part of me died, left by the wayside
Fries my brain to maintain your image
Try to avoid each typical scrimmage
Deny your heart wants so long – like a lost song
Searching its key, unable to see eclipse of your star

Baked in my heart’s oven
Bewitched bothered and bewildered
Live in light your pores exude
For the blue coin of our future
Prepared to suture and heal wounds of our past

License to carry art
Wield like dangerous sharp weapon
Misconstruction, solstice ellipse, heavenly scripts
Wonder why I await you in vain
Conception of immaculate virgin reign
Wonder if this is a new lesson
Life infused by total eclipse of my soul