Wednesday, October 06, 2010

A celebration of a nation

I stand at the station
The vibration of dehydration
A severe water shortage
my hand lies upon the rail
They thought the industrial revolution
would be the solution
But it only caused humongous pollution
and made our situation worse
nursing our purse strings
There’s no absolution for the planet’s destruction
the summation of our nation requires
a delegation to provide an explanation
For the oil spill libation, the denigration of our earth,
the aggravation for future generations
Is there any salvation?
A dearth of information with the
roar of despair another new scare
As if you can make oil disappear
my words lingers like smoke the crowd inhales them
Join the midnight foray into the city wilderness –
express suppress obsess and transgress the information
deliberations lead to impressions
so - you got a standing ovation for a braised hen
dazed crazed and fed you’ll get phased
out too with introspection
remember - we’re only small atoms
in the evolution of this universe
we need to stay in motion for the duration
of our generation to achieve salvation for our planet