Saturday, February 05, 2011

I close the pages

of a newly read and cherished book knowing I’ll never return to it. A few words linger wistfully and repeat themselves to me over and over to make certain I don’t lose them. Indeed the words are like life; the pages pass faster and faster through time encompassing new and old worlds combined. I write words down words to make certain special ones don't get lost.

One word creates a new life a different strife, new strides, we learn new words or add definitions behave the same way or maybe a new way depending on who we want to be. Being ambitious, I learn circuitous new routes to change responses to a previously treasured keepsake or periodically purge and start anew.

After a while special feelings aren’t the same any more like a dying lusty love replaced by loyal love maybe or discarded like an overused garment or tired thought. The misplaced trust the stupid puppy dog crushes you can’t recover from all provoked and created through words processed in our brains.

The heat is coming up through the pipes, smelly strange odor. An old lady complains they don’t give enough heat. It’s too much but what’s the use of complaining? Just put on another bed jacket or robe.

No one’s listening again. Another Egypt’s on its way everywhere, started here civilization’s bed. Now there’s a new ruckus up there and it’s the same everywhere, right here in hometown USA. Same bullshit and taxes, fucked up welfare benefits everywhere. Now they’re trying to declare it unconstitutional to jail those who don’t buy obamacare. Damn a mother would buy it if she could unless she’s an addict and gave up. Give healthcare!

All about the money while we abuse the planet when everyone knows there’s better options. The people selling us gas electricity oil and gas – now we’re talking big money big political friends and if you’re in with their ways you gotta be in like Flynn unless if you’re crippled Roosevelt who did better than any recent shmuck except Johnson.

A rant could be a way outta here. Just a little more please for the poor and worthy, please, a little more for mothers and children, please a little more for us worker bees trying to stay strong straight and narrow for our children.