Tuesday, December 04, 2012


I live in a dream world reality a strange illusion I discover and uncover the truth. I rarely subscribe to common faith. The truth is harder to see than a diamond. I take the diamond to the jeweler who says, “This diamond has occlusions which are usually a sign the diamond is real – occlusions can only be seen by microscope. This color is tinted blue, unusual in a diamond this size with so many occlusions. I suggest we send it out to get tested – it just looks too perfect to be true."

In hope and vain I wait to hear the diamond is real but am told it's a well made fake, just like my reality while I keep performing in good faith and do the unintended not seeing things only exist in my head. Strangely, they remain a clear distant past in my memory – and this memory lasts in my head by circumstances beyond my control. As my dreams unfold and take hold I discover reality is not what I thought it was. History repeats it self again and again and still IT IS NOT enough. Learning the truth is never enough if you refuse to change the course of your life. I sit and struggle with concepts as life unfolds my untold dream takes hold. I struggle to stay tight remain true to the light and the cause. There’s another global warming rooting in my head causing a major tidal wave and reality storms keep smacking me in the face as I try to keep the story straight. Chin up and keep forth in the wind.

This country is no longer what it set out to be fair and equal are only concepts applied to certain certified events by a moneyed society with privatized armed forces. Our country is not what it set out to be controlled by mercenaries.

I am not free will not be set free, am a product of society calmed by money no longer there I fare better than those worse off than me.

When Roosevelt was president we didn’t suffer from so much damn debt that has trickled down to a global economy still based on supporting wars to ignite a burgeoning economy and can’t keep up with the rapidly reproducing human rate.

Get a certificate to reproduce or join our dying planet. I am looking for peace to replace the water and divide it up fairly for all. WE NEED TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR SO MANY RAPIDLY DECLINING SPECIES BEGINNING WITH THE CORAL IN THE OCEAN, WE NEED TO PROTECT REEFS.

Is it any wonder I can’t see beyond the bridge of my nose and my glasses are always in a fog so I never see clearly. I see what I want to see – it’s been proven again and again.

I can see clearly now, the gates to heaven are here on earth.

My brethren, think and breathe peace.  Join the vision of great artists and leaders everywhere to create a common place within our hearts where peace and the greater good take priority.

Peace seeps from our pores to infect humanity and will spread to distant corners of the globe. Everyone partakes peace.

I can see clearly now. A common chore, a call to live our lives like a prayer to peace- to inspire peace to grow with our words and thoughts to join human race raise the bar.