Friday, March 11, 2016

Dream Love

Felix stares deep into my eyes
leans towards me,
it's a dream
I stare back into
Sweet almond eyes
Presses his lips to mine
Kisses my lips gently,
Lips slightly apart
Total eclipse of my art,
My too-kind heart
I was never smart in love
And attraction, men are an alien faction
My private eye –shy daddy mack,
Always take him back

The second kiss, a photo in my mind's eye
I feel that kiss now
See his face as though were today,
Eyes lock in embrace
He bends his head toward me
I raise my head, anticipate
Lost in one another’s gaze
Says his one little phrase
Like a photo, stays glued in my memory

One kiss so sweet; cherished reveries
My Daddy likes no man who wants me
And even he sang Felix’s praises
“He really loves you,” he says
Stamped, signed and delivered
His face and eyes moving towards mine
Gently press his lips to mine,
See it as if it was two clear photos,
Shown in two different angles

A photo I see with closed eyes
Even if I were to be blind
It will remain clear in my mind
A sensory delight, exemplary levity
A memory that never lived
So can’t survive
A dream delight withstands time
Forever I see the photo in my mind