Saturday, March 17, 2012

Set me free Set me free

To be the best me I can be
Set me free set me free
I want to be me like you are you
I want to follow in your footsteps jet around the planet make stops in every nation
Perform and leave my words like seeds
To flourish into flowers before the final frost
Words grow along with a world that everyday is more crazy
Power and money go to those few lucky
So set me free set me free let me be me
The same way you are who you want to be
Let me be who I want to be
An overnight sensation performing in Paris
All that money and power right beside you Will I go crazy
Will I still stand up and preach loud and clear about the rights of the people
Or will I forget them if I get the big bucks?
Will I forget this poor besieged planet
Forget all that I stand for
if I become free and am the best me I can be
If I get the payoff and am one of the one percent
will I become one of them?
That’s why it’s easy to choose you over me.
Set me free set me free
Left out of everything frowned upon and looked down upon
They made fun of my name.
Looking me in the face, they’d cruelly say, again and again,
like it was some kind of fun game to make fun of my name
“Leftout, right? That’s your name?” sniggering with delight
They were justified being better than me I didn’t fight back.
Yesterday’s dreams and memories follow me
Letting go is never easy
Set me free set me free
Could I become one of you if I had power money and will the way you do?
Set me free set me free
Break on through to the other side in my fantasy
Amy’s absence screams inside and I reach to pull her out of me
my eyes sting - tears follow the tracks for who she could be – soul sister
Set me free set me free
And makes me wonder who I would be if I had half the chance
I want to be me set me free set me free let me be me