Friday, May 20, 2016

Vacation Time

Catskills Cabin Getaway

Babbling brook behind my cabin 
Birds chirp, picking dirt with beaks
A red-breasted robin alights on the ground
Water rushes over stones
Babbling a lost language
Sun shines like diamonds 
Bubbling over running brook
I pick my city head
Strive to reduce daily strain, din
Fallen trees and boughs
Set together like someone put them
Tried to slow the brooks flow,
Make the water flow go slow 
Maybe Sandy threw trees there,
Two years ago
Hear the water roll
Constant sound all around
Creek Sparkles in sun and night
In rain, creek sparkles too
See water fill creek
Hope that Sandy won’t come visit
Again, show her other cheek
Return to the present, beauty surrounds me
Wonder if we can witness beauty with no fear