Sunday, May 02, 2010


I was thinking of all the things I had to do
And then I started thinking of you
And lost my memory of what I was supposed to do
Because then all I could do was think about you
That’s just the way it goes
sometimes I hit all the lows
The highs are left behind
I refuse to leave well enough alone
The next climb’s all my treat
Yes I’ve finally done it
I’ve gone and lost my mind
I heard it through the grapevine
No longer will I be mine
I wish it were just fine but it seems
things go from bad to worse
So I try to put things in reverse eliminate
Jealousy creates boundaries
I rewrite herstory and tap the cinnamon of life
into my coffee after steam frothing lactose free milk
I tap the nutmeg of my soul
to rife up the spice
dissolve artificial barriers between me and you
eyes set deep in my face I trace the lines
on your face revealed and sealed
I’m healed by the power my words wield