Sunday, May 22, 2011

For my friend, Fred Arcoleo

Fred Arcoleo had his CD party yesterday at the Bowery Poetry Club. I went to it and afterwards forced myself to do the pub crawl with Zev Torres.

Fred's party was packed - every seat filled. I sat at the bar with Robin Glasser (our famous Washington Heights author of My Life As A Concubine and Liz Popiel, a well known set & costume designer also from the heights. There were easily 60 people there at 10 bucks a pop - all of us there to support Fred and his new CD seeds.

If you'd like to listen to Fred to know more about him and hear his music, click on his name in this sentence.

Quite a few people followed Zev in his pub crawl which is exactly that. Not being much of a drinker I participated in a couple of rounds of poetry with features and all. Finally I got too cold since the temperature dropped and I left. Should've rocked my hoody for that outing, but who knew - after all the weather is not predicable.

A shout out to Fred for a wonderful evening and the party packs of Quinoa that he gave out at the end that I will definitely use and look up on the internet.