Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Another Peace Poem

Foster peace in a universe of abuse
Choose peace over sorrows and regrets, let loose
Excuse my bluntness while I try to mend my foolish heart

I’m begging you please
A piece of the pie
The all American style
I want peace
peace in every nation
peace on every occasion
in every location personal to station wide
a vacation from substance abuse
peace in a universe based on contempt
give me some peas in a pod,
I’ll give you a nursery breeding on continuums
of overpopulation saturated with misinformation
I’ll give you a universe one score and five million years ago
a new universe was born of peace, responsibility, utility,
continuity of many species
Make peace or face destruction of varied species of life
including the human race
or be at peace, meditation replaces medication
the one becomes the all
the all becomes the one and there will be peace