Friday, March 25, 2016

So What, I’m Fat

I get fat, complacent
I sit on my fat ass
Watched my cats
And some good TV
Sat till I was nutty as a bat out of hell
When one’s in pain – can yell
Or pretend to feel well - do what I did to quell
Sat there, had a chat, ate a latke
Behaved very eclat and got very fat
Embarrassed now to show my fat self
I put myself on the shelf
Being fat is like being accepted to a fraternity
You never asked to belong to
Fatism is allowed, society is
OK to be prejudiced against fatties
I take off my hat to skinnies
Everyone avoids fat people
Like being attacked by plague of gnats
So many pounds, lost and found
Promise to turn over a new leaf
Then I stray from after weigh in
It’s the bane of my existence
Not recognized as true disease
I relay my sorrow, no headway
Not as well known as ADD
I convey my apologies
Think it’s the result of foul play
Each Passover I pray
Over and over again
If only I lose 10 pounds
I’ll be rolling in clover