Tuesday, May 17, 2011

kute kold kitty kats

I'm sorry so sorry it's taken me this long
i recite lines of poetry in my head then forget to write them down...
sometimes I feel like a motherless child billie holiday reborn
never fun being a child when your main concerns are about money for rent and food
arguments about nothing taking its place in the next turn of events

Meet Davie. David Died on the day Davie was born, August 10, 2010. I adopted Davie - who is very similar to David in personality - hence I named him after David. I got Davie in October when he was 8 weeks old. Sphinx cats have a very unusual history. More or less, two different versions of the same hairless variety, appeared pretty much simultaneously in Canada and Russia. A regular offspring of the well known domestic cat just happened to come out hairless. This hairless variety was bred with a Siamese cat. Then the half Siamese /half hairless offspring who came out hairless was bred back to the original hairless who had been bred to the Siamese, in other words his mother.

I didn't realize that Sphinx cats are more work. They get cold, the same as you do if your apartment gets cold as they only have no hair, only a bit of fuzz in a few places at the most so you have to dress them. Sphinx cats also have an oily secretion on their skin and under their nails. They must be bathed regularly.

On the positive side, they are extremely communicative and sensitive.
They are also extremely curious and will approach any stranger and tap them on the shoulder to say hello.
Little Davie curls up under covers at the end of the bed while Cleo and Starr, mother and daughter curl up together at the head of the bed.
Isn't Davie funny he is hiding and peeking out.
Above is the work of our featured artist for next issue of The Cartier Street Review, Claudio Tomassini.
Starr is Tortoise point and her daughter Cleo is Flamepoint.
A moment to watch mommy snap photos.
Davie decides to hide as he is cold and tired now.