Sunday, August 17, 2008

Out & About After Our Fav Haunt

DD & Me in our fav haunt

Page one hundred eighteen on my grind...

Between yesterday & today I wrote 12 pages to my novel.
Yay, Joy is on her grind!
We took yesterday off in the afternoon to check out our regular hang out, Indian Road Cafe, who I have to say, has really popped their menu up. We're loving it.
Also met some really nice fb people and helped two who didn't know how to add their blogs to their pages. There are so many talented people here, I'm honored to be part of a crowd that filled with oceans of inspiration.
It's cool when you get to help someone and cool too when it happens to you, and when someone will lend you a hand. That's what life's about.
Check the new pics.
Dubblex wanted me to put a selection here. If anyone's interested check out lipstick diaries at B & N for a preview of the novel.