Sunday, November 26, 2017

For The Thrill Of It All

Hugs and kisses, velvet wishes
Come to an end and what’s left
Change husbands, like changing an old pair of shoes for new
Like to buy a new pair of shoes
Sudden change to my heart’s colder weather
Gets cold outside, feel blue, another breakthrough
Work to get through the next day
Everyone says they’re coming through
Can’t believe what anyone says
It’s a new day and I’m
one flew over the cuckoo’s nest
Hard pressed to think I messed up again
Trying my best to stay compressed, so distressed
My heart thumps in my chest
Please God let me be Mae West
Life’s work a contest, possessed by desire to conquest
Impressed by old things finessed, dressed to kill
Live in an all frills world
Cotton candy clouds
Are worth more than riches         
And more delicious too

Death gnaws at my life
Fret at changes in this body I no longer know like I used to
No longer own
This body betrays me and does whatever it wants to do
It’s not me just a shell, like a tortoise I will shed
My body like a garden hose, thrown around and carelessly mistreated till it grows holes
Neglected, abused, torn inside out, rife with strife
Can’t get away from myself
This body ages without grace
Thoughts seclude me
Nostalgia eludes me
Randomly search inside to know this body that is mine
Life’s burrs consume me
Soul is youthful, yearns to learn, to see the unseen
Physical pains don’t belong to me, only this body I am forced to carry
It can’t all be bad - We all get old
Some of life glows with rhythm like sudden golden shimmers of a glad song
Words are the answer to my body.
Return to my roots, go slow with the flow, my words – this body begins to control what I do
I swear this body is not me and struggle to see what I
truly am made of – sugar and spice, so nice
Destiny tugs at my heart’s strings
I sing my way through the valley of my soul