Friday, October 22, 2010

busy busy bee busy me

For those who don't know we finally got the Cartier back up and gunning.

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The Cartier Street Review

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We welcome Mike Finley here to our elegant hard working staff. Mike is responsible for layout and for getting our mag out this issue.

A hand to staff for their untiring energy in reading and sorting through submissions.

Marc Carver
Brad Eubanks  and click here too
Thomas Hubbard

If you are submitting for the first time- please follow these rules: Thanks to Mad Swirl for sending them to me!

1. Write something in the subject line in email to tip us off what you are sending, for example, poetry submission along with your name

2. Provide a greeting. "Hello" or "Dear Editor" works great.

2. Include a very short bio. For example, "I am John or Jane Poet". Wow, that's easy! 

3. Thank the people you are sending your submission to for taking the time to read it.

4. Include a closing salutation with a name at the end. "Sincerely, John and/or Jane Artist".

5. Don’t send more than 5 or 6 pieces maximum.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

A celebration of a nation

I stand at the station
The vibration of dehydration
A severe water shortage
my hand lies upon the rail
They thought the industrial revolution
would be the solution
But it only caused humongous pollution
and made our situation worse
nursing our purse strings
There’s no absolution for the planet’s destruction
the summation of our nation requires
a delegation to provide an explanation
For the oil spill libation, the denigration of our earth,
the aggravation for future generations
Is there any salvation?
A dearth of information with the
roar of despair another new scare
As if you can make oil disappear
my words lingers like smoke the crowd inhales them
Join the midnight foray into the city wilderness –
express suppress obsess and transgress the information
deliberations lead to impressions
so - you got a standing ovation for a braised hen
dazed crazed and fed you’ll get phased
out too with introspection
remember - we’re only small atoms
in the evolution of this universe
we need to stay in motion for the duration
of our generation to achieve salvation for our planet

Saturday, October 02, 2010

15 Minutes to Fame

A moment opens to eternity
Fastidious, attached to passing moments, 
I live in Warhol days
An open heart mends wounds
Are you for or against them? What’s your political game?
Everyone's got his 15-minutes of fame
Are you on their side or mine? Is it them or is it us?
Is there an us anymore? Who is us anymore anyway?
Anywhere I’m supposed to know? Did you know …
My headache keeps me awake to 
cover the worldwide news
An open wound  ~ Nightly sound of the evening news
A bleeding ulcer seeking to be healed
Closer to home news too, all news is bad news
Except the rescued puppy thrown in to control you
A news-forecast makes everything worse –
Ignore the news a week or two; say your regards to Pluto
Ignore my bleak forecast of doom
All of us are doomed anyway
The more you do - the more gets done
When you stop doing there’s no more to get done
Another open wound …
Always the dream remains of another go-round
Take care. Hope … to see you there
If & when there is another go-round

Friday, October 01, 2010

And the winner is

Congrats to Joyce Braxton Coley who won the $100 to spend. Have fun Joyce while the rest of us cry and wonder why we didn't win anything.