Tuesday, February 24, 2015

American Train Trip

Sitting on an Amtrak train heading back to NYC
Pass through Mystic, Connecticut 
Quaint country houses, a huge river
Big bridge with bright lights
Feel like a character in a movie
The guy at the table across talks rapid fire on his cell
About Jack Black who was supposed to
Hit up the presentation today and how in spite of
Jack having that high six figure salary
He's got no experience at this job
How he had to take Jack Black's place 
And do what Jack Black should have done
Patricia is supposed to be his boss 
But he has to tell her what to do
“It's like a marriage,” he proclaims
The train conductor announces
Arriving at New Haven, Connecticut in 2 minutes
Fellow passenger’s cross conversation and my movie end
Inspired I search for my pen and remember 
Mariel asked to borrow it and didn’t return it
I pull my luggage from the corner 
Ransack roughly through my clothes 
Find my iPad, pull it out and write this poem instead