Thursday, December 15, 2016


I follow the news
Stupid programs on TV
Get further away from where I want to be
Further away from me
From who I want me to be
But please, please don’t blame me
I’m a brainwashed woman
Can’t do nothing, nothing without
My baby
Can’t do nothing without
My babies

Brainwashed society
All of us, live like robots in history
Stand by; let shit happen
Like someone in another century
I’m scared to death,
Stop the craziness, go back, life’s a sudden hurricane
Admit there’s no control
Forget this laziness, TV

Resplendent in glory left for none to enjoy
All gone in the bush with a game of trump
Writ in desire of wild fires burning
Everyone hurting
What would it take to bring a world together?
To stop mass slaughters, human + animal
When will we see, realize what’s to be done

All of us blind, a brainwashed society, a scorching society visionless inside
Dead washed Brainwashed, whitewashed, everything washed since infancy
Is it possible to escape destiny, fight to survive lose so many, will it count to bring one back?

Dubblex and I figure when you’re in New Orleans; you should cross the Mississippi so we decide to take the ferry back and forth. On our way back, the man driving the ferry came out of his control room and made a beeline right over. 

He wore a very large rimmed oiled hat to keep water from splashing in his face. He wore an oiled knee length raincoat along with knee high wading boots. Greeted us like he knew us. “Hey,” he said, “Seeing you guys, reminds me of Boston, where I grew up and my mom would bundle me up.” Pegged us right away; we wondered what’d we done to give it away. Duh?

Without further ado, he continued. “I’ll tell you what the problem is, the world cannot support so many people – because we have decimated our resources. Thus there’s a limited amount to go around. We can’t support this burgeoning humanity that keeps growing. The more limited the resources, the more we fight for them. Everything in our world is a result of what we do, like prolonging life so much that it costs more to live longer, increasing the limited access to resources – so that’s why we have wars and inhumane societies.” He tipped his hat. “Nice meeting you folks.” He turned & walked away with a small wave. “I have to bring her in. Goodbye now! Enjoy the rest of your trip.”

I recall his words …

So strange, surreal, I sit and wonder about this conversation. Does he pick someone every trip and tell him this? I consider and wonder, is this real?

*another true poetry story by Joy Leftow