Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bluetry by DubbleX and Violet

Days vanish in the world pool of time, grabbing a few moments before the tsunami of tomorrow washes away memories in a violent abrupt reality and leaves us clinging to a branch of yesterday
Pulled out to sea to swim in a thousand tomorrows to be drowned in the whirlpool of today.

Proletarians keep staring, wondering what happens to their millions 
Society did not make me crazy but it certainly isn’t good for my sanity
Joy forces circles into squares, it works for her
Sometimes life is forcing circles into squares

You rescue me
You are my EMS my NYPD, my NYFD, my doctor, my nurse
You care for me when at my worst
You quench my love thirst

I get so fucking tired of talking to machines
I say stuff and machines don’t know what I mean
I get so vexed I start to scream
I push cell buttons
I press 0 for the operator but only the machine talks to me
They program it so that it has a slightly husky partly raspy computer voice
They even have a machine that talks in a black voice

I am gonna die, you’re gonna die too but before we all leave, 
this whole world’s gonna know 
that we came thru, that I am who I am and do what I do
You do what you do, what do you do,
you let the world know that Dubblex and Violet came through

the only people that drown are the ones that panic,
I wanta chill gotta try to do or die
maybe one day man won't die
maybe one  day people will no longer cry
maybe one day will come
When color is nothing more then a rainbow in the sun

Life is one drop of bittersweet wine. Don’t whine about spilled wine 
drops off the lips of time-spilled fine wine.
The drop runs off the table and stains the rug, splash, a new design
Is this life span in time before your drop-splashed life
Love as long as this dash between birth and death last
These atoms represent me
They are nameless; they are contained in me
My atoms go deep to my soul energy
Everything we see is vibrating energy

These atoms are labeled me walking upside down in my spiritual anatomy