Saturday, March 01, 2014

Poetry, Porno and Chess

Do all while listening to Bach, Maclemore and Jill Scott
Who could ask for anything more than poetic thought and porno
Oooo baby that’s so hot
A challenging chess game
accompanying a good soundtrack
No skin to skin, no one’s emotions to think about
A fantasy in place of human energy
Oooo ahhh uh - huh, that’s the way, uh - huh, I like it
Ponder my next move while analyzing
where my online opponent’s queen goes
Before calling checkmate
Not sure if it’s fate that each day awaits
I take the bait and make the same old moves

Listen to music asleep and awake,
Headphones like body parts,
rids me of my soul aches
Play chess hours on end till finally forget how many
games I’ve played, maybe a hundred and twenty
Listen to hip-hop, rock and roll, soul
Day after day sit on my ass –
Write a few lines of poetry, scroll through porno videos,
Play chess till it comes out my ass
I’m a bit morass, but dig it, I’ve got class

Twenty - four - seven, play this round till I fall out or die
Whichever comes first,
before my next prescribed pill high
It’s my life and I’ll live how I want to
Live how I want to
Do what I want to do
Write poetry, watch wacked out shockingly violent porno
Listen to the Stones and Les Misérables
Contemplate my next strategic move
Poetry, chess and Porno
Life is so – so good!