Saturday, July 02, 2011

Let’s get it together

Are you ready yet Daddy
Com’on now don’t be late again
Com’on now Daddy don’t keep me waiting
I’m like a cat caught in a tailspin sitting on a pin
Just say when - I’m ready in the flick of a red crow’s feather
The smell of blue heather a little sandalwood 
some sage wood delight
Come on Daddy get ready
Let’s do up the town tonight
Please hurry Daddy and get yourself together
Get ready and don’t be late
This is a one time date don’t leave this one up to fate
Don’t be coming late now cause fate and I 
won’t wait on anyone tonight
Com’on Daddy let the good times roll
Come on Daddy let’s get down tonight with a little bit of soul
Let’s get down tonight in the bare moonlight
Beneath a starry lit sky
Oh oh my if you're on time tonight Daddy you’re gonna see
Everything’s gonna be alright
If you’d only get out’a bed get ready to get together
and let’s do the town up right tonight Daddy