Monday, April 26, 2010

one more pill to help me chill so i don't kill anyone

Like Alice in Wonderland I roam the desert of my mind trying to find a way out
Every day I reinvent myself wondering whether or not to take the next stand
I keep seeking another line a better design a brand name
Imbibing the sands of time
I become restless longing for success I confess it came to possess me I digress
I used to be somebody now I’m someone else
It boils down to our animal instincts, survive and thrive
Reassessing my past I contrive to start anew
The meaning we attribute to things is what
gives them power over us
A universal bower a tower of confidence
It’s a matter of perspective - probably our entire planet is like this
Alice absorbs me perhaps another pill will cure my ills
Lusting on the edge of a consonant I meander through adverbs synonyms and antonyms
It’s a fucking weird word disaster
I dig my heels in deep trying to steep my words in a heap before I leap
but instead my words are torrential existential tangential
they move me
treading through river recesses of despair to find the answer but it just aint fair they don’t care they’re hateful of our flair
I dare to emerge I don’t want to submerge on the verge of a nervous breakdown I merge into another artistic urge with a surge of energy
Sunk in a funk in another God forsaken mess I process the stress the excess of the day wears heavy
Don’t transgress the finesse of the noblesse
I speak in riddles and rhymes to observe the times
Thunder explodes a hazy curtain of rain splashes the pavement
soaks my clothes through to my skin
as I begin another spin