Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Your light snuffed out like this candle
I light in commemoration
Not permitted full potential
Never reaching maturation

Your flame put out prematurely,
Wounds my heart like a sword surely
Michael requests positive energy
To help her on her journey

Light a single white candle at sunset
Blue, yellow and red flames ascend
Many loved you, will not forget
I would redo, make amends

Stopped literally in your tracks
Flames soar; see you clutching red wine
Forced before time to pay death tax
Passion and spine created your shine

You were like my sister, my family
Joey recalled movie class, your arm
Resting on his shoulders, your words
Softly spoke, a blue rhapsody

Short winded, precise and clear
Owned the gift of repartee
Camille possessed much flair
With her, no boredom guarantee

Times gone, I snuff the candles light
My mind’s eye reminiscences
Memories live, my delight
Death abandons all; relentless