Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yikes I keep learning strange things... history of name games on fb

On facebook, people keep telling me my fan page ain't a fan page - it used to be and started out like that but now it's a group or a club. I originally chose to use the words fan club but a close friend vehemently told me he "is an artist too and he's not joining anyone's fan club; we're all in this together son!"
A peculiar phenomena; people who tout togetherness are often not our best artistic allies although I still like to consider it so. I often help writers get published and this is before I became editor at Cartier. I help by providing useful information to get them started.
Anyway, back on subject, I then changed the name to Joy & DubbleX admirer's admiration society as a joke. We left it like that for a while. Then I changed the name to the Joy & DubbleX Admiration Society and then we became Joy and DubbleX Club and now we are simply, Joy&DubbleX.
A couple of people refused to join at first because we were a fan club and now they won't join because we're not a fan club and dig this - now some people are letting go their profiles and only having fan clubs. I'd like to know what is the difference between a fan page and a fan club anyway?

What a dilemma - damned if I do and damned if I don't!

Should I start a fan club and let the individual posting go?

What about for The Cartier Street Review - should I begin a new fan club for them too and let the old listing go? And what about the hard work involved or is it simply a fresh start?