Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Dilemma in Love, Text-versation


He texts that he misses her
Wants to hold her hand and walk
Her where he wants to go
She replies, “I’m here, I’ll come there.
You can see me if you want!”
Receives no text reply back
Seemingly texts disappear into the worldwide web
She’s definitely out of her depths
No communication, she’s perplexed
Feels vexed by how he disses her

No more dinners,
No more talks about art
No more park walks
Insisted on sleeping on her side of bed
Now there’s no more courting
She wonders whom he sees
On his nightly midnight forays
She wonders what happened
Whom he spends his time texting today
Some sweet gal who’s a dime
Gets all your sweet texts instead of I?
Before sex, she saw him thrice weekly
Now post sex she barely sees him at all

Ponders if there’s a correlation
Between his loss of attention and
Someone new on his horizon
He declines to mention
Wonders who he texts instead of her
Midnight he texts, “I miss you,"
Her exclusion proves otherwise

She tries to engage him in text-versation
Sends each text with trepidation
He appears to be on vacation
Surmises she can’t read lies in his eyes
Wonders if she’ll ever find love
That provides compensation for pain and suffering
She doesn’t want to cry
Wants to rise above pettiness
She puts on a happy disguise
Prances on her way,
Evades further speculation