Thursday, April 30, 2020

Times Brutality & Fatality

Tonight I'm yours for a moment in time
Our entire lives until this moment 
in time a paradigm
Bones cold, 
struggle to survive wintertime,
Search for infinity 
Search for the high line
Winter ends, its spring again

Heart chimes sounds time
 Sounds of time can pass one by 
Airwaves, lives all on prime time
Make the most of tonight 
Tonight I’m yours for a moment
Tonight I’m yours for a second in time
Do what you want to me

You’re mine for a second in time tonight,
You can do what you do to me tonight
I’m yours for a second
I’m your onetime abyss
A lifetime of obsesses
Every which way confesses
I’m here to be your friend

Try to say I’m your enemy 
Because I don’t agree to see the way you do
Say I’m not your friend
I see all you do and say
Semper our reality, set an appointee
To serve your time instead of you

Our lives in filigree
You chase the dragon tree
Entered the lion’s den
Smoke your opium today
Like back in the day 

Convince everyone except me 
That your words are the Holy see,
You don’t fool me
I see right through you
I got the master key to your soul

Live our lives in a paradigm
Tonight I give myself freely
Tonight I’m yours for a moment in time