Thursday, December 25, 2014

Tired Of These Silver Gray Days

Another gray day just like yesterday
And the day before
Makes me wonder if it’s a sign of decay
If we’ll ever learn the way
Just like London
Everyday begins gloomy in the morning and
Later the sun comes out to play
Then by afternoon goes away
Everyday it rains like here in New York City
Watch silver skies and overcast
Stare out the plate glass window in dismay
While I sit and crochet
Imagine living in a chalet on Hudson Bay
Made of stone and glass,
Fine walnut cabinets with stained glass doors
Pull out drawers throughout
Sun streams through my sun porch
When it rains, I close the glass doors and watch
Fine sprays of rain descend
Dream I’m a millionaire – I’ve spent that much
Gypsies believe if you’ve spent a million you are one
A blue jay flies by in 45-degree December
My thoughts stray,
Want to defray the cost of living
Wonder how those worse off pay
Bills in a place so ill the rent’s
Three times higher than salary
Wealthy connive to create anarchy
Pray USA's working poor will survive