Saturday, February 22, 2014

Deny Death

Who will care when you’re no longer here?
When you’re not around
Who will miss the sound of your voice?
Who will miss the words let loose from your lips?
Will anyone claim to miss my words
Will anyone say, “I didn’t care for her
But her words evoke feelings I didn’t realize were there.”
Will someone care you’re not there?
Who will miss your fair face, blue eyes, and thinning hair?

Who will care when you’re no longer here 
Who remaining behind will tear their hair,
Who will cut their hair to mourn my spirit
Hoping for square deals, praying life is more than bones,
Blood warms, veins running through life’s crosshairs
Submit, omit, in charge none subsist. Ageist cloud co-exists, gray doubt settles near

Who will care when you’re no longer here?
When you die who will care, desolate discontent, wander
Who will care your power exceeds mine

Santa Maria, High Priestess of Soul spoke, “Who will miss you when you’ve not here? …
When I die,” She boasted, “people will mourn my spiritual powers. Unlike you, I have many followers, you see?”
Unimpressed, hurt by words undo and rescue me since birth,
I ponder her claim to followers and my lack of them.
My words require breath of invigorating air recalls escaping words
Follow the words you can’t see, can’t hear song they daren’t breathe?
Dig it! What if they tax the air we breathe, claim it’s ok cause there’s a shortage of breathable air.
What will they think of next?

Do you really care if anyone here remembers your words become … prayers
Do you struggle with each word like a long lost lover you ache for final touch
Do you really care if people plough through, don’t remember nor feel you’re no longer here?
Unhealed by moonlight, like lost stars dissolved, exploded, imploded
Time passes, no one reads your words, remembers you were words …
They don’t recall Santa Maria either. Pretenses abound people worship an empty ideal
Who will remember?
Who will delight in memories revived by a sip of moonlight glow
Memories know, slowly fade … die
Attempts to forget fail, why’s be gone
Why we harbor death while we’re still alive