Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I'm So Pretty, Pretty is as Pretty Does

When I smile I get pretty
When I feel pretty, I’m happy
When I’m happy, I get witty
When I’m witty, I join committees
When I join committees,
I escape to other cities
It’s a pity I can’t be happy all the time
But I discovered if I smile and laugh
It’s as though a seraph sits on my shoulder

Laugh all you want but I laugh
And the world loves me back,
I get no flack, get the knack
Smile on through to the other side

I’m ignored by riffraff and sales staff
Not sure it it’s a blessing or a curse
I love the world,
The world loves me
Like two turtle doves
Being natives in the jungle
The world and me
Have the world to ourselves
All I have to do is laugh
Wear a smile on my face
And very simply put~
Wearing a smile is how I get happy