Wednesday, May 09, 2012

No Easy Answers

I live my life in service as if curing the ills of others 
will make my maladies go away.
I define myself by the self I give away
defined by people who say what I do
but don’t see who I am
Help others define their existence helps me define myself
Help others learn to do is what I always do or try to do each time around
but can’t succeed each and every time even if you want to
so take the edge off, smoke some ganja
It’s all about love, that’s what they say; it takes a village to make a revolution
Reviewing life’s worth
Money counts but love counts more and how long does love last
when there’s no money no money no money no money
No no, no money

I didn’t do it for the money I did for satisfaction that money can’t buy you love
it doesn’t matter how hard you try money can’t buy love
I did it because that’s what social workers do is help others grow
I was a social worker before I earned my Columbia degree.
Born with the ability to see
Astrologers, tarot readers, doctors therapists teachers all agree,
I’m a mitzvah to humanity shaped to suffer their sins 
they all agree what can I do do do….

Lessons follow from Sabbath to day’s glow
I watch the surface of society grow designed for consumerism it’s not a joke.
Today bill collectors froze his bank account took three thousand. No joke!
Looking through loopholes is what bill collectors do
Money went from checking to savings, that’s their loophole to steal from disabled. 
Lawyers hired by bill collectors take everything we own – just doing their job.
No bail out for the needy! 
Only bankers and mercenaries are in charge of society.
Only they get bailouts.
I want my bailout and I want it now. I want my debts forgiven. I paid mine to society a long time ago and intend to keep paying so please please give me my bailout – I can’t survive these streets with the pennies you throw me.
And while I’m at it, please… please … no more wars…

What if everyone lived altruistically dreamed like parents
loving children unconditionally
The rich giving to the poor and paying their taxes
Let’s build a better society right here right now right on
Let’s build peace on earth forever more
We don’t want war we want peace right now right on
Peace on earth – right here not delayed heaven doesn’t exist
Let’s get it together and think of each other peace peace peace
My brother and sister after the revolution there’ll be peace on earth
As-Salaam Alaikum
Peace out
Peace Peace Peace