Sunday, May 29, 2011

Stormy Weather

Crying like the weather, a state of mind
Dewdrops run through my heart
Laying claim to devastated waste I make haste and relent to God I repent
Distaste for the same old songs playing in my head
Discarding old wrongs I fight to make wrongs right
Rewriting history I can’t undo the past

Stormy weather holds us together
Destroys my universe fighting to survive bad weather
Putting a distance between me and the storm
The hurricane inside about to explode
Another year another storm
Drinking wine to kill the pain of sitting and waiting for some new snazzy tune
To break through the gloom in an icy room where I sit here
Waiting for the storm to end
Wait to see a bright new sunny day not too far away

Sky aglow an orange gold sunset strives to stop my pain
Dream of tranquility in the midst of war
Extinguished like vapor dreams of restoring a universe of possibilities
I reach out to touch the receding dream becomes a lost memory of happiness
Defeat is feeling like there’s nothing left to lose

A little conversation some music some wine you agree not to hurt
My kind heart enables you to unwind like
Stuck in an underground surreal film waiting on a round of drinks that will never come –
I visualize escape from lost causes, each new struggle another angle
Of seeing the wind writing – I long to stay strong

I want a little tenderness in a dimly lit room by the light of the silvery moon
our bodies a solitary silhouette,
I want a restful haven where I can live in a world of my making

Delight in a morning lit sky with pink and turquoise gazing at a bright white opalescent moon can’t rearrange my mind and I try to remember what I’m doing here
as I sit on the edge of my bed hypnotized by the silver white moon
Contemplate a day when the whole world waits
together by the edge of a clear running brook stream forever

I want a quiet place where rainbows appear after brutal rainfall
A place where dreams can sustain me as I relish the moment
a simple warm and friendly place where I’m unafraid to go