Sunday, June 23, 2013

Disappointment ...

Tired of the do nothings 
Tired of people who refuse to apologize
because they insist they did nothing wrong 
and being right is more important than keeping a friend 
Tired of people who complain
I leave dental floss strands lying on their floor 
but they take my bamboo wooden cutting board,
bang it into broken pieces
and chop meat on it to boot, 
even though I gave them a plastic one for meats
Use my table to burn cigarette scars,
Then strip the screws so the legs refuse to stand straight,
Take my metal file cabinet, drag it to the center of the room 
and place a big plant on top so the metal rusts through
Take a rug that's not theirs and decide what it's for and where it goes
People who deny they're addicts but take too many pills 
so they can sleep their lives away, avoid all responsibility
Tired of people who drink their lives away yet deny they're mentally ill
or hoarders who can't throw away rusted empty cans
Tired of being used like an old dishrag to clean everyone's shit because they refuse to clean their own
Tired of having friends who don't make amends but drive through the center of my heart in an old jalopy giving off smoke so thick it should have never passed the emissions test, smoke so thick I can barely breathe and am losing my ability to see
I'm tired of my mind that makes me think all these thoughts forces me to realize I have no friends
All alone my heart hurts from the pain the wounds are deep healing is like a dream 
I try to visualize escape to a world where friends are real
and realize I need to create a better new world