Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gimmee Money

That beat gets heated in my head
Never felt like this before cause its never been this bad before
I’m feeling those fiduciary blues now
Things are getting worse all the time
money aint everything it’s true but it sure does help to pay those bills
Money it’s what I want – gimmee money it’s what I want
Money raining down on me
money ain’t everything it’s true but it sure gets its hold on you when you need to pay those bills
A little thrill that bill got paid - a huge frill with bitter pill thrown in

The details are lost in my mind, awake in bed, mountain out of molehill
served with foreclosure papers 5 a.m. delivery
Reality sets in, bleakly I get quirky, relay the bad news
The bills are due again
money can’t buy everything it’s true but it sure does help to pay some bills
it’s getting bleary in here and I’m getting leery because I need things to get better,
today I got another foreclosure letter
But from what I hear ain’t nobody but the crooks doing better than me
money rain down on me today
I want that money it’s what I want anyway
Gimmee money – it’s what I want lot’s of money, gimmee lots of grimy money
Bring it on home, baby
so now - you say what I say- do what I do

(to audience - hold up your hands and say) “repeat after me” (Hold up 2 fingers)

money rain on me today! Money it’s what I want - gimme money lot’s of money
money rain on me today! Money it’s what I want - gimme money lot’s of money
Sing these money blues along with me today
to pass these blues away
we’re praying for our money
so we can take care of our children, our needs, if you work you can’t get things free
give us that money for free today- spread the word around – money lost now found

I want that moolah that’s coming to me
More of those extras some food stamps I don’t qualify for
but I sure am hurtin enough to use em
Only disabled can have more money and qualify for welfare too
But life’s hurtin for everyone out here these days and maybe you feel like me
It’s that money it’s what I want – gimmee money lots of money
Money can’t buy you everything it’s true but what it can’t buy you probably can’t use
I don’t know what this blue ass world is coming to
I sing these money blues today cause I know you need that shit like I do

so now - you say what I say- do what I do

(audience participation - hold up your hands say) “repeat after me” (Hold up 2 fingers)

money rain on me today! Money it’s what I want - gimme money lot’s of money
money rain on me today! Money it’s what I want - gimme money lot’s of money
Sing these money blues along with me today
Money it’s what I want - Gimme money lots of money
money rain on me today
do what I do - say what I say -
money rain on me today
Money it’s what I want - Gimme money lots of money

This poem is designed to bring money to all of us who need it - the catch is we only get how much we need not how much we want - still it beats a blank
think think think and believe - money rain on me today - yay - it's working for me and it can work for you too!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

living in poetry

In a little café just the other side of the border between
Washington Heights and the city wilderness
my words linger like a midnight smoke foray
alive in Salvador Dali
What if people stopped paying their unfair subway fare?
What if a million people hopped the subway and walked on buses and nobody paid would this society go away I wish I were back in the days of Abby Hoffman, Coltrane and Lennon
What if everyone who went shopping at wal mart stew leonards and costcos put 100 items in their cart and declined to pay as they walked out the door

Dominican Dudes selling fruits en la esquina, hablo con ellos en me español roto
speak my broken Spanish
Swish my way past - wish I could have a kasha knish
Jimbo Burgers, La Caridad, Inwood Xtra Pizza, Quick Stop Bodega, ten-tan Chinese and Amy’s
All your needs fulfilled below the elevated train
El Camino for auto supplies, El Mirador serves wine and beer Y comida latina but no bagels or knishes, my favorite dishes
So many things to see, wish there was no anarchy wish I was free
I’m not as free as a tree - I want to be as free as a summer breeze
Blowing continuously at ninety degrees
like the summer rain cools the ground and mists around
like rain formed rainbows I want to be the rainbows in my mind
wounded to the core my to do list keeps growing exponentially
I’m in time for round fourteen hundred forty four more
On the southern sea shore island in my mind
I’m there in a flash of fatality, the infidelity, the totality of a unity,
I sense danger lurking - I stay steady working
I languor leisurely in my laziness until a licentious mood leads me to lavish lust
From dawn to dust, I play the game of life continuously readjust,
recently read about my poetic genius, don’t give me the bum’s rush – wow- that sounds so cool I just don’t understand it.
race and religion as subjects cause despondence and glee.
Like a glacier rotting away I sit here eating my cappuccino fudge sundae – how do they keep that fudge so soft ice cream talking disaster, my world degenerates while faster rhythms
Sets my thoughts
Flowing like lava rain drenches meeting a ceremonial master in the Arabian Desert
My city rain meets recalcitrant refusing concrete
bring the word to the street - a super salivary sweet treat
Whaddaya’ think, I’ve got the link, it’s sink or sing, a tune in head
An ocean of sound all around, lost and found I keep trying to heal the wounds but they’re cut too deep. my words turn to blood and ooze through holy ground

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Rose Between My Hips – My Other Lips

My pussy folds its lips around your dick’s circumference like a closed rose with muscles behind
folded petals circumscribe to your vibe, grasping you inside
slide against hidden folds of flesh, mold to mold
velvet soft texture
probing finger defined by pussy trembles contracts
Each quiver entices deeper
I wonder if the men who enter me feel as lucky as I do to explore
Smooth ribbed wet crevices inside
Titillate my senses –
Sometimes I don’t understand how men’ll do anything for a bitch
I get an itch to explore that witch inside
If I’m deprived too long
I want to shout eat me out
Do cunnilingus until your face turns blue
Sex is entertaining
– I’m not much at abstaining
from my sex domain
Can’t contain my appetite and stamina
My pussy is unconstrained and untrained
after you eat me out let me take you for deep love ride
Stop slowing the thrust of your penis when I need faster
and closer
Put your nine in there and stop whining about a deadline
Just relax and give me head we’re already on the bed
make me come before I die of boredom
I like extended sexual orgasms
You say let’s watch the moon rise
And remind me to use the astroglide
You say you’re looking for a deeper thrill,
I say my pussy’s tight and talk about skill
You come back with words of love
And hold out the astroglide for a smooth love ride
I say my pussy loves dick better than soul food
You get unglued I speak in taboos you get shrewd
Talk about how it’s soft wet and firm all at once
Perchance parlance your preference is my wet pussy

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Welfare’s Still A Bitch

Back in the day I burned loquacious at welfare’s fair hearings
But soon I learned that when you went to your worker you only speak when you’re spoken to
Everything will be held against you
And twice more if you’re white
You’ll be accountable for every damn penny you didn’t spend
How dare you go to Columbia University on our money
You’ll see white bitch hoe
Now I'm at the welfare center again
I’m still the only white one there
thank god it’s not for me I wait here
I watch as everyone demands entitlements
They have their appointments - will not leave with disappointment
The brothers and sisters and me we see others get special treatment
waiting on names and numbers to be called
Liars - they say first come first served but everything seems stalled
I want mine and I want it now - Latinos and Blacks uprising.
The guards are watchful but do nothing
Those who yell loudest – their workers came out and usher them through glass doors to get what’s theirs
they come back smiling
After that it didn’t quiet down till the room emptied out
After they all got what was coming to them
I wish it had been like that for me
I fought at so many fair hearings
To get my claims accepted back in the day
Each time I recertified they cut my food stamps to zero
If you’re white you get less
if you’re Jewish it’s double less because you know all those jews are rich they don’t come from any Warsaw ghettos and it’s a damn lie any of them were killed in any fucking holocaust

those kikes are Fucking Christ killers is what they are
heard it all my life
A voice inside my head
Each way I turn
Sometimes I forget who I am

And it all comes rushing home like a river overflowing with leaves silt memories
Someone will bring it home to me no matter how long I live

Ladies and Gentlemen: we’ve gone back in time to the 60’s – prejudice crackles like fire in the air.

We need to get our heads turned back to the streets to take back what’s rightfully ours

We need we need we need – medical care money a place to live and survive
So sad - right back at you with the blues tonight