Thursday, September 25, 2008


The sounds outside pull me, grate at my insides
My line got lost in the breeze, the sound spread wide
By helicopter blades whirring busily by
The noise becomes louder in my head
Assaulting my senses engorged and fed
I feel the sound right here in bed
It bursts in thru my open window
Along with politics, sex, lies & videotape
Everyone watching everyone creates, mouths all agape
I keep telling you – we’re all in this together son!
Everyone trying to emulate innovate
Be different yet somehow stay the same
Men in hard hats drilling on the rooftop
Facing me, I want them to stop
I run downstairs but there’s nowhere to go
There’s no escaping the sound inside my head
I can’t escape the crazy lady downstairs from me
Mornings I lay on the floor to stretch and hear her talk radio loudly –
Consistently persistently working it’s way up to my head
This same woman had the nerve to come to my apartment and yell
At us on a restful Sunday afternoon watching a quiet movie
Her banging disturbs me;
I was enjoying the movie smoke signals
On the door insistently banging annoyingly cloyingly
Banging me I throw the door open finally
She stands before me talking about noise
I tell her never to darken my doorstep again
She’s another schoolyard bully drunken with power
About an unforeseen abuse
It only happened once
Samoa jumped up & down from couch to ground
DubbleX said Samoa did it once then again & again
Samoa told Daddy it was so much fun
Then Godzilla loudly invaded our space
Once is once too many
My senses are assaulted daily