Monday, June 18, 2018


Yeah, you’re a lousy lay
OK you can get it up 
But learning how to satisfy me is 
too far out of your way
You’re probably afraid to get lost in fur
I’ve been with men who know how to do things to turn me on
Making a woman scream is how he gets off too
Naturally knows to do
It’s not mechanical, 

Some men just know how to do it
They know how to let go
When men let go of their senses 
They know how to make a woman cry
And laugh with pleasure
Where are the men who made me 
Cry out in ecstasy, 
Did they love me too?
Or was it the ones who didn’t possess skill
Who loved me the way I want you to do
Makes me wonder

Don’t believe that men learn it
It’s a charm they carry deep within themselves
Sweet charm where they let go 
Is it because that’s all a man got to give 
Men know what turns me on emotionally 
but when it comes to sex 
They don’t know how to
Satisfy my soul
I wonder if a man needs to opens his soul 
to make a woman come
Probably all in my mind
Easy to know how to enjoy

Your needs or mine, I know how to come 
All about my mind’s excited 
Can come and keep coming too
Part of it’s up to you because, yeah, I got my own controls
Yeah Yeah …
I do what I know how to 
to myself or to you
I can make my own feel – goods
What about you
Don’t you need and want your own feel –goods
It’s all about time
I need you to do it too
It’s like you forgot
Or never knew
I know the feel good in having my pussy be eat real good
I know the good in screaming and coming again and again
Because other men have done what you can’t do or refuse
To do
At this point it makes no difference if you know how to do 
Go down on a girl like you’ve never before
Some know what to do
Others never heard it
But I know what I had before
And you don’t know how to do
Like it was done to me before

Monday, June 11, 2018

Let’s Go, Let’s Go, Let’s Go

The stars, the sun and moon
Surround me –put me in a swoon
While I read runes
I want the world to know I’m one of you
so step aside and let me through,
Did you hear what I said,
I’m no different from you, you and you, 
Graduated the school of hard knocks
Just like you, came from the wrong side
Didn’t come up easy
Can’t you see
Who I am,
I said I’m one of you, some of what you are – what you are – 
Created in some image I create for myself and the stars in the sky,
I’m on the brink of expansion
An explosion of words going off in me
Words on the horizon
Words provide aspirations, a solution to our rotation 
Of bullshit politicians,
Anxiety spreads like a bloodstain
Feel another me emerging again
There’s a thrill up on the hill
Let’s go, Let’s go, Let’s go

In an explosive moment, puff of smoke at sunset,
Like the campfire built at sunset burns out at dusk all by itself
No one tells it hey fire, listen up, hear me, you’ve run your course, your hearse is on the horizon
My hearts locked inside straining to emerge, a collection of alternatives,
Add some trepidation, come to liberation, salvation is near, 
Not helping to flex, feel like a hex on me. 
Talk shit like it’s the next recourse, 
a force of nature to be reckoned with, no worries – 
Climate change is a no go…
Eastern sunlight rays in my skyline vision alive with the flow of color
Mesmerizes me
My heart skips a beat
A city girl fundamentally, nature claws me with her vibrations
Heartbreak hotel is still a go to
Zonked out on fresh brewed coffee
Feel another poem birthing inside me