Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I have a dream to spread world peace among lands and nations
World peace unfurled released upon future generations
Voice of world peace is blowing in the breeze, please baby please
Hear its cry forswear and be anti war declare peace
Peace ~ blowing in the breeze
Thunderbolts of peace strike us like lightening the truth of it’s frightening,
Baby I’m begging you please
Comply, meditate open the floodgates on making peace reality
Begin with community - extend to humanity - cleanse the world with peace
Open the floodgates
Cogitate, hear my pleas for peace, deliberate, drink, eat peace
Breakfast lunch and dinner, PEACE on all menus please
I dream of world peace, wars to cease, no more fights about energy and resources hidden behind religious prayers and sentiments
No more armed forces invading foreign soils
Everlasting peace for mother earth I breath peace unto thee and me instead of stealing your oil destroying your soil –
I want to power the Mohave Desert with miles and miles of solar panels
So our children will inherit the earth, so they will have a planet on which to reside to survive
Make peace a new way to breathe
inhale exhale peace
I want some peace a piece of peace
Increase peace; buy a new lease on your life and mine
I'm joining the conspiracy theorists regarding there being a world plan among the monied and powered...for a new world order. Breathe peace visualize a new universe

I don’t have to be a Rastafari to enjoy their music
I want a world ruled by peace not caprice inhale exhale peace
The priests don’t have all the answers
Release judgments, forget treason, peace is the answer

One day at time - stick to art speak your heart - promote peace amplify and aggrandize
no more guns, increase love tenfold, world peace will be the new world order universe
breathe peace respire inspire inhale exhale peace
it’s delicious it’s nutritious ~ peace

Here in the matrix - peace -health follows peace as naturally as sunrise follows night
Give me a fudge Sunday delight without a fight
Give peace a chance to turn off these fitful blues
a look through Monday’s peaceful schedule
Tuesday’s just as good
I want to feast on reverence and PEACE
Fast on fear desires and greediness
Don’t you want somebody to love
I need somebody, I need somebody to love
Could it be anybody I just want someone to love
With peace in my holster, I need a little bolster
Just give me somebody to love
God damn, I'll say it again -
Just give me someone to love