Thursday, June 04, 2020


Like a light bulb in a dark room, about to burn out,
Burn out in a fizz, or explosive moment puff of smoke,
Like a campfire built at sunset burns out at sunrise
Eastern sunlight rays appear;
Horizon alive with color’s flow
My heart skips a city girl beat
Nature grasps at my heart with special sounds she creates
Heartbreak hotel still a go to
Every day, survive a new threat
Today it’s the pandemic
Next day worldwide protests
Proclaim Black Lives Matter
when we see George Floyd murdered
because he had a fake twenty-dollar bill
culminate four centuries of wrongs
In the 90's shop owners slipped me fake twenties too
So if I were black I'd be dead
MD prescribes Miralax to cure my ills
Miralax made of plastic, don’t care to use
It about $, who can digest plastic
Plastic imagined good for intestines.
Prefer milk of magnesia to cure my ills
Holding all that shit in there really ain’t healthy
I’m surgeon of my own body and I know what suits my body’s needs
I’ve been living longer with my self than anybody else
So I think I know this body better n’most
Zonked out on fresh brewed coffee
Another poem births inside me
Feel another me emerging again
Anxiety spreads like a bloodstain
Who am I, am I who I want to be,
Reveling in who I am as opposed to who
I could be, hold me back or don’t, I won’t go,
I refuse to be who I am
Swallowed in a gumball,
Society beats reverberate in my head
A new manuscript divides me
Like a light bulb in a dark room, about to burn out
My heart skips a city girl beat