Tuesday, October 07, 2014


I want to kill the bastard who did this to you
Hunt him down like the animal he is
First I want to flay away 
his skin like back in the day,
Slowly peel the layers of skin in fine strips 
Translucent like onion but much thinner
Watch his face; enjoy his screams
For mercy, enjoy misery I create

I want to torture him for you
Torture him like he did to you
Make him feel the pain he caused you
Instead he got away scot-free,
I would have made him pay
Hurt him like he hurt you

He should’ve been jailed at the very least
Inmates hate child abusers in jail
They would shiv him
In jail he’d get nailed
Your mother let him get away with this

Mom allowed your stepdad to abuse you too
No one wanted your Dad to pay the piper
Your uncle wanted to kill him
Beloved grandma urged him to let it go,
So uncle shoved it under his hat

Your father doesn’t deserve to survive
Only if he lives in great pain
You paid the price for their sins