Monday, September 21, 2020




My heart hits the sky for a wonderful guy 

Want to live in my dream

Let off steam, ride that moonbeam

Watch my love while we watch stars who strive to extreme, 

Love trees feed on earth and water

Feel like lamb to slaughter

New world’s just begun under one sun

Redwood forest, lakes, rivers run

No babe, I no have no fun

Weak knees pervade, 

transcend dreams glide

I’m along for the ride

Economy, parsimony,

Slide into fear of this and that

World where dictators rule

my land and that land make the

world what is has become 

not a race to create except this situation demands 

My life cut in two, can’t figure out where to go or what to do

Pray from far away - pray for ourselves, pray for me, pray for you too, 

Will prayers help or is it an illusion to feed my ego?

Search for hope, only nightmares come

Despots worldwide care only about money, 

honey, listen; root of all evil

Sell they soul to the devil - to the devil they do

And all around us, who paid suffer 

for the devil, they pay, to do us this misery

Everywhere on earth suffer this malady.

Download synergy to keep up my energy

Synapses flicker, slicker than an unsolved nightmare

Behind a hidden door, no splitting hairs

Born to be me, you’re born to be you

None of us born free

So unwell, hurts to be me

Wish you could see how it feels to me

Wish you could be me, feel me the way I feel you

We all desire prosperity, fame, acclaim, money

Mostly to survive and thrive

speak truth in poetry, fascism far and widespread

Money don’t mean joy, sorry to say

Like rivers run to their source

Blood runs cold, not yet, my lord, not time to fold

Times running out, getting old, need others to carry on

Carry on, work for free; try to help humanity

Make our earth the sanctity, earths meant to be

Hallelujah for you, hallelujah for me if only we 

can build something to hope for,

we want to live our dream, just once before we leave

Please, Please, Please


Thursday, August 20, 2020





Lying peacefully on my bed, 

         In his bed which is atop of mine

Lay Davie, my Peterbald Sphinx

         Buried beneath his blankets

                  Davie suddenly perked up,

threw this blanket off, 

         put his head up and kept it up, 

                   totally mesmerized 

         watching Michelle on TV

Listened to her entire speech,

Never resting his head down


Acts like he magically 

understands how important it all is. 


Isn’t that amazing? Davie, my cat,

Mesmerized by Michelle on TV

something in her manner, her tone 

Stylized speech, 

Beseeching America to be better, 

her voice, pleading with America


“BE Better America,” she pleads with us, loud and clear

Somehow, Davie, my cat, understands her 

Her tone, determination, her pleas 

Trying to help us understand 

Divisiveness increases pain and suffering

Not helped by clear acceptance of Racism 

Attacking our citizens peacefully protesting 

Failing to protect our most vulnerable citizens

Destroying access to clean water for money

Ignoring our country’s constitution to protect interests of big money


Michelle Obama demands America stand up 

Show the world who we are 

Show with our vote, our turn out,

Turn out even if you have to bring a blanket, food, 

Even if you have to spend the night too. 

Do it to ignite flames for justice and compassion

In our leadership

Please America, Leave chaos at the door


Michele’s voice captured David. She captured me too. 

CNN says of First Lady, Michelle Obama’s speech, “…an appeal aimed at the heart and conscience of every American who has watched the chaos of the last four years and yearned to make things right.”


Our moral tale of woe.

Stand up Americans, 

Show us your voices like you did in recent marches through the streets

Stand up American and show us who you want us to be


America showed who she was when innocent protesters were abused 

Shot with rubber bullets, gassed in our streets

I thank and praise all the people who stood up in America’s streets, and streets everywhere else too, 

Please America, I beg you too, 

Even though I’m not Michelle Obama and never could be in her shoes, 

I stand with Michelle and beg you too

            – Stand up and be counted, 


Show ourselves and the world who America really is

I’m begging you, please


PLEASE                                            PLEASE                                            PLEASE


Come one come all, 

Let’ be the solution to the pollution, heal division, stop the degradation of our great nation and all its peoples, our principles, our people, who require compassion to survive, not division.



Forgive me for not knowing if this is a rant or a poem.


Thursday, August 06, 2020





I’m quarantined 

Learning to love my aloneness 

Not concerning ceremonious womanliness, 

Maintain a harmonious

Fighting to survive intolerance, tight feistiness of ruin, 

from wealthy brothers and sisters. 

The poor give more than wealthy do

usually more generous of spirit 

poor pay higher taxes

Trumped by a white house orange debacle 

Citizens dying from streptococcal

symptoms - live in mass pandemonium 

people blind like they’re on opium

sanctimonious created fraudulent-ness

intolerantness speaks loudly, devoutly, profoundly evil

worldly unrest and upheaval 

quarantine inside my abode 

carry a heavy load

my body bowed

inability to unload

keep a heavy workload

dreading the next episode

of color code, religious code, computer codes

hate showed – 

snowed in about to implode

lifestyles eroding with each new foreboding 

will we ever overcome

see what we can become

if to love and tolerance we succumb

Solve Problem:  make humanity less dumb

Embrace love and tolerance 

Together, overcome 

Stop being overrun

beat my drum till that day comes

pray to raise awareness that love is everywhere

Love is everywhere











Thursday, June 04, 2020


Like a light bulb in a dark room, about to burn out,
Burn out in a fizz, or explosive moment puff of smoke,
Like a campfire built at sunset burns out at sunrise
Eastern sunlight rays appear;
Horizon alive with color’s flow
My heart skips a city girl beat
Nature grasps at my heart with special sounds she creates
Heartbreak hotel still a go to
Every day, survive a new threat
Today it’s the pandemic
Next day worldwide protests
Proclaim Black Lives Matter
when we see George Floyd murdered
because he had a fake twenty-dollar bill
culminate four centuries of wrongs
In the 90's shop owners slipped me fake twenties too
So if I were black I'd be dead
MD prescribes Miralax to cure my ills
Miralax made of plastic, don’t care to use
It about $, who can digest plastic
Plastic imagined good for intestines.
Prefer milk of magnesia to cure my ills
Holding all that shit in there really ain’t healthy
I’m surgeon of my own body and I know what suits my body’s needs
I’ve been living longer with my self than anybody else
So I think I know this body better n’most
Zonked out on fresh brewed coffee
Another poem births inside me
Feel another me emerging again
Anxiety spreads like a bloodstain
Who am I, am I who I want to be,
Reveling in who I am as opposed to who
I could be, hold me back or don’t, I won’t go,
I refuse to be who I am
Swallowed in a gumball,
Society beats reverberate in my head
A new manuscript divides me
Like a light bulb in a dark room, about to burn out
My heart skips a city girl beat

Monday, May 11, 2020


I want to cry for my lost dreams. 
That house made of stone and glass 
with all wood inside the fame 
and fortune I never gained, 
the way my heart has been maimed 
my life tamed and bought at the corner store. 
Dreams estranged 
caught up in the buzz of busy bees
 living day to day in a maze 
on a pension fund 
Money I earned, not charity 
driving safe in the slow zone. 
No airs or golden chalices, 
standardized morphing of reality 
leave me to blaze on a hot day 
with no underwear. 
I fear for the living dead. 
Live in my head 
Less than half my dreams 
never come to fruition
because I’m not Annie Malone, 
neither is he 
change your tone 
don't use your phone 
while we're having this conversation 
I want to be a milliner
Tired of infighting, 
heart a siren, beats with desire 
Set the sky on fire, bring souls out of mire 
Stir the fires of love
Ignore the jive of each haze, 
the latest craze
Always some new malaise 
Live like lost
In a moon phase
Do my best to stay alive and thrive

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Times Brutality & Fatality

Tonight I'm yours for a moment in time
Our entire lives until this moment 
in time a paradigm
Bones cold, 
struggle to survive wintertime,
Search for infinity 
Search for the high line
Winter ends, its spring again

Heart chimes sounds time
 Sounds of time can pass one by 
Airwaves, lives all on prime time
Make the most of tonight 
Tonight I’m yours for a moment
Tonight I’m yours for a second in time
Do what you want to me

You’re mine for a second in time tonight,
You can do what you do to me tonight
I’m yours for a second
I’m your onetime abyss
A lifetime of obsesses
Every which way confesses
I’m here to be your friend

Try to say I’m your enemy 
Because I don’t agree to see the way you do
Say I’m not your friend
I see all you do and say
Semper our reality, set an appointee
To serve your time instead of you

Our lives in filigree
You chase the dragon tree
Entered the lion’s den
Smoke your opium today
Like back in the day 

Convince everyone except me 
That your words are the Holy see,
You don’t fool me
I see right through you
I got the master key to your soul

Live our lives in a paradigm
Tonight I give myself freely
Tonight I’m yours for a moment in time

Monday, April 06, 2020


This virus is really getting to me
Wonder if we’ll ever be free
This virus is killing off so much of humanity 
More of the poor, not the bourgeoisie
This virus is insanity
This virus will not be contained
built a worldwide pain bloodstained 
this virus will not be controlled, 
it’s unconstrained and unexplained
this virus rains down on humanity
This virus invades people’s lungs
The wealthy and famous get virus screenings
The poor die in their beds
succumbing to this virus
Go uncounted in the dead 
This virus forces us to isolate
When we can socialize, there’s no date
We live on a global checkmate
Virus created floodgate
We’re on a mandated quarantine
This virus has us on curfew
Except the moneyed few
Creates a state of anxiety
Virus is rampant in society
Keep 6 feet away is what they say
All we can do is pray
This virus makes us wash our hands till raw
This is something we never had to do before
This virus is invading my life
Because of this, I can’t see my wife
Siren’s wail fills us with strife
This virus doesn’t stop
Like waiting for the other shoe to drop
Running out of supplies, unable to shop
This virus has us scared to be infected 
No one wants to be the next one selected
This virus makes me wonder
How we came to this blunder
Our lives put asunder
This virus overtook the entire world
All our lives, together unfurled
Live in a crazy netherworld

Friday, March 27, 2020


I am Jewish, I am Woman,
I am Muslim, I am Buddhist
Call me names, call me whore,
pussy, kike, sand-nigger, 
call me what you like,
Psyche – I recall Third Reich

Name-calling, hate all about the money, honey
Don’t want to believe in sunny money
It’s bloody Sunday with money
Turn people against one another
Smarter people see – better believe
Keep us with our stupid little asses 
Dealing with petty shit

All about the money – money –
Rich don’t pay taxes
You and I support them 
With our puny little money

It’s all about the money honey
No reprieve, better believe
Rich not aggrieved, we pay more than they do
They like it like that

Make things perfect, we need another war, 
One more Vietnam – Trump’s a perfect mentor
not smart but listens-even though he doesn’t understand more
Trump listens, says what he’s told to say
Do things the money way
Before we all disappear, become who we no longer are,
like Handmaidens in Atwood’s novel
Or Station Eleven in Mandel's world,
Then it will be too late
It will be who we are – when freedom’s gone

It’s all about the money 
Money creates military
No sense being a pacifist since WWII
Recall how that got us here
Didn’t win us any points there either if you recall
Hate Jews more ‘n Blacks now
Jews on the Death Tax, It’s a fact
Take it up the ass
People at the bottom
Have nothing to show, 
Nowhere to go

Things done the money way
It’s heyday for the rich folk
People worked to the bone before they croak
The world we all know up in smoke
No taxes for multi-billionaire corporations 
Middle-class disintegration
A shakedown of global proportions

Desperation and confusion 
Our relation to better-off folk
It’s all about the money, honey
Prejudice has real results
Intensified by lack of trickle-down, 
Nothing left to lose
Live in Shantytown, USA

All about the military created by money, honey
Government Globally – controlled by Money, Honey

This is the world today, Honey
It’s all about the Money, Honey

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Let Us Be Free

Waiting on a revelation about the coming revolution
It’s a slow go, no one wants to know we’re just a bunch of good little soldiers
Doing what we’re told to
I’ve made no resolution to begin a revolution
I want to see people treated fair
I turn to me say see me free to be fair to me
Set me free outside myself
Set me free let me be me
 “my bad” will set me free
deny the naysayers, haters and dis abusers
See me
An angel cast from heaven
and because of my big mouth, sentenced to hell on earth
fallen from grace a casualty for being me
Set me free from this insanity, this rat eat rat culture
We waifs wander the street like
abused common yard rats we want to be set free.
Even rats are drawn to starlight and love to feel the earth beneath their feet
instead of the hard city pavement where we are caged together
dining on musical words helps me while away my days
whilst I sit here and await my fate in the next genocide, an autolytic sourpuss
pray, permit me to continue
in a prison, I sit awaiting sentence
my pitiful existence pale compared to thee
cast me from your kingdom
wandering, searching far from home
am a product of your fear and cast-off genius combined
disowned and disavowed
Wings stolen while I awakened from a nightmare to discover
I lived a life not mine
Worrying didn’t help
Accepting unfair demands didn’t help either but what if you don’t have a choice
easy for you to say let it go and let it be
Let it go and let me free, let it go and set me free
On wings, I flew once with you as an angel, now cast from your grace
Laugh as you look down upon me pleading to be set free
And you say, girl, you had it the way you wanted to be
And you asked to be set free
I set you free and now you wanna come back to me.
Pity about those set free who wanna come back to me
Being me who’s no longer me is no fun
even when you think you wanna be free
Once you rode on wings you could spread
but you prayed me to let you be free
Now you beg to come home and
it’s too late to let you back in my grace
Let it all go, daughter, let it all go so you return to be
an angel spreading her wings –
wings fashioned from dreams - wings with kaleidoscope colors

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Purple Haze (Updated Version)

I live my life in a purple haze  
Not just a faze, a way of life in the 60s, 
purple haze was an LSD craze 
asleep in my heart's gaze 
Lost in my mind's maze
Spouse Blissfully unaware, doesn’t care 
Can’t get a social security raise
Keep wondering about ways 
To enjoy the sun’s rays
To get out of this malaise
Can’t get ahead, just move sideways
I’m only human, feel so blasé after so many days
unexcited with exceptions to every rule I face
Lost in a different kind of haze not knowing where I am in this phase of my life, not trifle
Rephrase the question which is the answer to why I live this way, 
I’m only human, so screw you too
You flex your money while
I flex humanity. only a few own all the money
I agree, must be the end of days
Why else would it be this way?

Take a plane get off in the next state, 
Turn on the TV and see the same shit
My soul ablaze, am I a hypocrite?
Humanity says it’s democracy
Free market enterprise, capitalist economy
It’s all lies – otherwise, we’d all be the same size,
And all that jazz
Disenfranchised, the poor get less than ever before
I flex humanity, the world is ending 
Hate to be pessimistic – 
hard to possess a future that’s slipping away
In overflowing seas, rivers ceasing to be 
Becoming more than we are meant to be