Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Purple Haze (Updated Version)

I live my life in a purple haze  
Not just a faze, a way of life in the 60s, 
purple haze was an LSD craze 
asleep in my heart's gaze 
Lost in my mind's maze
Spouse Blissfully unaware, doesn’t care 
Can’t get a social security raise
Keep wondering about ways 
To enjoy the sun’s rays
To get out of this malaise
Can’t get ahead, just move sideways
I’m only human, feel so blasé after so many days
unexcited with exceptions to every rule I face
Lost in a different kind of haze not knowing where I am in this phase of my life, not trifle
Rephrase the question which is the answer to why I live this way, 
I’m only human, so screw you too
You flex your money while
I flex humanity. only a few own all the money
I agree, must be the end of days
Why else would it be this way?

Take a plane get off in the next state, 
Turn on the TV and see the same shit
My soul ablaze, am I a hypocrite?
Humanity says it’s democracy
Free market enterprise, capitalist economy
It’s all lies – otherwise, we’d all be the same size,
And all that jazz
Disenfranchised, the poor get less than ever before
I flex humanity, the world is ending 
Hate to be pessimistic – 
hard to possess a future that’s slipping away
In overflowing seas, rivers ceasing to be 
Becoming more than we are meant to be

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